Caroline R. Hayes

  • Smithers, Interior North / Northern BC
  • N/A
  • BA Psychology, Registered Professional Counsellor, Certified Mediator and member of the Family Roster of Mediate BC, Family Mediator

Family Roster Mediator Details

I have lived and worked in the Yukon Territory since 1974 and moved to Smithers BC in 2017. My professional experience has been with northern communities in Yukon, NWT, and BC. My training as a personal counselor and mediator is with specialty in community development, family, relationship and couples issues. I have worked with lawyers, social workers, psychologists and physicians to complete mediation processes to support clients to have control over the decisions that impact their personal lives.

I continue to provide limited services in the Yukon.
I have incorporated my life experiences, academic knowledge and professional experiences to provide my clients with the best fit for their personal situation. I have over 45 years of experience working in the area of health, social services, education and community development, all in northern Canada. I have worked with traditional communities and individuals as well as contemporary government systems, employees, and family and individuals. I have been in private service as a family mediator, counsellor and adult educator for 25 years. I offer support processes that offer people control and collaboration in decision making.

Keywords: Smithers, Terrace, Houston, Hazelton.
  • General Family Issues
  • Parenting Issues
  • Separation & Divorce
  • $130 - $130
    Interior North/Northern BC
    My charge for pre-mediation is $100/hr. I am willing to discuss reduction of rates.
    48 hour notice for cancellation of arranged meetings. 50% charge for failure to notice.