Nick de Domenico

  • Comox, Northern Vancouver Island
  • Cell: (604) 230-2301
  • Certificate in Conflict Resolution (JIBC); Roster Member Canadian Academy of Distinguished Neutrals, Mediation

Civil Roster Mediator Details

Mediation Consultation, Pro Bono
Multi-party, fatal accident claims, small business, professional partnerships
Online Mediation on the Zoom or Webex platforms
While I have engaged in the running of various small businesses, including a charter fishing business and two small independent adjusting firms, my primary means of earning a living (since 1971) has always been the settlement of personal injury claims. By 1991, my independent adjusting practice evolved into a collaborative approach to the management of catastrophic injury claims, from accident investigation, through rehab, to settlement. For that approach to work, the decision makers in the process, the examiner and the claimants (and often their families), had to have clear information, presented in a timely way, that took into account traditional expectations. That was the essence of my job.

Nine years later my daughter turned into a teenager and I was confronted with the usual challenges of a parent in that situation. I went to the Justice Institute of BC’s Conflict Resolution Program in search of an Owner’s Manual for Parents.

Their program was excellent! Over the course of two years, it brought my understanding of communications to a new level. My daughter still talks to me, and since 2000, those I used to negotiate for and against have accepted me in the role of professional facilitator. It’s the only way I earn income. I find it a challenging and positive occupation.

Since mid-March 2020 I have successfully transformed from in-person to the online world. I have a technician on call for all mediations to support participants. His active involvement lessens as people become more familiar with the process and upgrade equipment and wifi services, as I have done.

As of 16 August 2020, I have hosted 52 online mediations. The settlement rate is as good as the 52 pre-Pandemic. It’s safe. People don’t have to travel. The professionals have their office resources at their fingertips. The plaintiff can be at home or at their counsel’s office. Minimal commuting for everyone. I believe in it enough to commit to online mediation only. I am also hoping that mediation will become more accessible to communities outside the larger urban centres. I’d love to assist with that.

My blog is available at For the plaintiff lawyer whose clients are usually not personal injury professionals, my mediator-to-plaintiff comments are available at Many plaintiffs have told me that reading this blurb in advance helped them participate constructively on the day of the mediation. You’re welcome to email your clients the link. The comments are available in English, Spanish, Punjabi and Chinese.

On a non-work level I enjoy music, photography, walking, plants and good conversation.

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  • Business - Consumers
  • Housing & Real Estate
  • Personal Injury / Motor Vehicle
  • $500 - $500
    Canada, Alberta, British Columbia, East and West Kootenay, Fraser Valley, Greater Vancouver, Interior North/Northern BC, Interior South/Okanagan, Northern Vancouver Island, Southern Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Labrador, Northwest Territories, Nova Scotia, Nunavut, Prince Edward Island, Quebec, Saskatchewan, Yukon, United States, Washington State
    In the event that there are any changes in the meeting details between initial booking and the mediation date, or in the event of a cancellation, I have excellent support staff who are available to set new dates and make new arrangements for location. They are available if you wish to delegate the rescheduling logistics. There is no extra charge for doing this.

    A cancellation fee of $1,800.00 plus GST will apply to any scheduled mediation that is cancelled or rescheduled without 7 full business days’ notice. Unless otherwise negotiated by the parties involved, the party confirming the cancellation or rescheduling incurs the cancellation fee.

    Upon being notified that a mediation is actually cancelled or rescheduled I immediately make that date available on my web site for any other party. If no other booking has filled in by the cancelled date, I then invoice as per the cancellation policy.

    Rescheduling a cancelled mediation on a new date does not obviate the cancellation fee.

    It is standard procedure for me to send out two emails on receipt of a new assignment. The first is a confirmation note, sent out on assignment, with the cancellation policy clearly outlined. The second, sent out well in advance of the mediation, is a reminder note to all parties. That reminder note specifically states the last date that a mediation can be cancelled without incurring the cancellation fee.

    An applied cancellation policy not only protects the mediator from real lost income earning opportunities, it also reinforces the deadlines for the parties putting into place the information that they will need to actually conclude the matter on the date of the mediation. It has been my experience that while cancellation fees are equally unpleasant for all involved, they are actually a necessary and positive element of the process.