Tere Mahoney

  • Vancouver, Greater Vancouver
  • terem@telus.net
  • N/A
  • M.A. Conflict Management & Analysis, Mediator-Facilitator

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I am a skilled mediator with 25 years of experience in successfully navigating organizational systems-change. For the past five years I have dedicated these efforts to transformative conflict projects, as an associate in the Vancouver-based conflict resolution firm Transpectives Consulting Inc. I have specific expertise in:

• power imbalances
• FPIC (free prior & informed consent) consultations
• large-scale / multi-party / multi-issue disputes
• workplace investigations
• interest-based bargaining
• small-business disputes
• will & estate disputes
• end-of-life / intergenerational disputes
• unconscious bias training
• leadership reviews
• facilitated conversations
• government relations
In addition to my mediation experience I also offer comprehensive, cost-effective pre-mediation training. This training involves more than intake interviews, or conversations about what to expect during a mediation. My pre-mediation training lays a foundation for all parties to participate in the art & science of creating safe and non-threatening spaces for resolution. This is achieved through:

(a) understanding how listening to the other party effectively moves the mediation process forward with dignity and efficiency,
(b) developing a shared knowledge and understanding about WHY conflict is so unsettling internally to all of us, and HOW this phenomenon can be leveraged to work for—not against—the mediation process,
(c) providing a common vocabulary for all parties to utilize as they navigate their time together,
(d) encouraging clients to increase their relational competencies, and thereby bring their most authentic selves to a mediation.

Prior to obtaining my MA in conflict management and analysis from Royal Roads university I worked with marginalized populations in the areas of policy development, strategic development, communications & public relations, community engagement and public participation. My portfolios in this capacity culminated in a poverty-reduction strategy for The City of Calgary (Enough for All report), a unanimously approved plan to implement the Indian Residential Schools Truth & Reconciliation Commission’s Calls-to-Action (White Goose Flying report) and improving disability/accessibility for citizens within a major metropolitan area.
  • Business – Business
  • Community
  • Employment & Workplace
  • Wills & Estates
  • $250 - $300
    Canada, Alberta, British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan
    pro bono, as per specific criteria
    48 hours notice