Samuel Gerszonowicz

  • Vancouver, Greater Vancouver
  • Office: (778) 927-0264
  • C.Med., , Mediator

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My specific approach to mediation is as described elsewhere is multi partial in all senses of the word: not merely undertaking multi-party disputes but also applying an approach that ensures that each and every party to the dispute is heard and is understood to have been heard. Rather than being strictly neutral or dispassionate in a mediation my approach is to be passionate on behalf of all parties involved in a dispute.

I have a deep appreciation of small business (organization units of 150 employees and less) issues, contracts, inheritance,etc. as well as management hierarchical dissonance. A very special understanding of technical proprietary concerns including intellectual property issues and claims has been garnered over the years in a range of sectors and especially in biotechnological arenas.

Cultural Experience:African, Afro-American/Canadian, Arabic, Asian, Filipino, Korean, Latin American, Same Sex/Gender
I was born a refugee in post WWII Europe and immigrated to Canada in 1951. My post secondary education encompassed economics and population genetics, both strategically focused on organizational systems; science, technology, human socio-economic organization, and the forces that work within and on them.

I have provided facilitation, advisory, and intervention services prior to and mediation services professionally since my certification as a mediator in 2010. My practice includes business contract disputes (consumer complaints and professional, business to business disagreements), employment/management issues (pre-EEOC and pre-litigation) in both public and private sector, as well as multicultural, multilingual, and ethnic inflected conflicts.

I've refined the multipartial approach of problem solving and conflict mitigation to augment standardized tools employed in the Alternative Dispute Resolution armamentarium. My application of multipartiality as an integrated facilitation and mediation tool has proven quite productive in a number of areas including:

• mediating between the Beneficiary and Borrower in property default/foreclosure disputes.

• facilitating resolutions in small claims disputes; small business, neighborhood, landlord/tenant, community groups, and anti-harassment cases. I have negotiated cultural and linguistic minefields among a selection of ethnically disparate peoples.

• delivered mediation/conflict resolution and conflict coaching services to organizations focused on contract (business and other civil) disputes, court mediations and legal clients, workplace conflicts in public and private sector organizations.

• in corporate contexts I mediated stakeholder conflict; facilitated communication and decision making among/between strategic corporate personnel including research, production, financial, senior management and investor board members
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    Generally, the fee will be determined after gaining an understanding the nature of the case with regard to complexity and extent and particulars of the parties involved. I suggest that the parties and I have an initial conversation to see if I can be of service.

    Depending on the circumstances I am willing to undertake a mediation on a pro bono basis.
    The particulars of any mediation process will be laid out in the agreement to mediate, including the fee structure and the cancellation policy.