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  • LL.B., Barrister & Mediator

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I am a senior litigator and mediator with a deep understanding of the law and a wealth of strategic experience in assisting parties in a mediation. With a successful track record of 35 plus years in resolving disputes, I can see all sides of an issue to help parties in a dispute achieve the best solution for their particular needs. I am included in the Best Lawyers in Canada listing in the area of Corporate and Commercial Litigation.

My extensive experience handling commercial and other disputes, coupled with advanced mediation training in BC and at Harvard Law, has provided me with a solid platform from which I operate as a highly effective mediator. I am equally comfortable working as a facilitative or evaluative mediator, but with counsels’ agreement prefer the latter approach.

I am the practice group chair of my law firm’s Mediation and Arbitration group. I have also served since 2016 as the Co-chair of the Canadian Bar Association’s Vancouver Alternative Dispute Resolution subsection and am currently the Secretary of the CBA's National ADR Section.

I have significant experience in working as a mediator in large commercial disputes including multi-party litigation. In particular, my legal practice has provided me with a comprehensive understanding of business litigation issues in the areas of real property disputes, commercial lease matters, creditor remedies, fraud claims, corporate and shareholders disputes, and estate litigation claims.
I served as the head of our firm’s Litigation department for many years managing the business of our team, including its finances, assessments, planning, human resources and more. This provided me with relevant insight into the everyday business issues parties face and allows me to better serve as a mediator in a business dispute.

I am a proud father of three great kids and enjoy spending time with them as much as possible. I have also trained in the martial arts for many years, but now restrict myself to coaching much younger students who for some inexplicable reason, are far faster and stronger than myself. When time permits, I race in the world of motorsport which regularly places me on the losing end in a battle with the laws of physics.
  • Business – Business
  • Business - Consumers
  • Employment & Workplace
  • Housing & Real Estate
  • Personal Injury / Motor Vehicle
  • Professional Misconduct
  • Wills & Estates
  • $550 - $550
    Canada, British Columbia, East and West Kootenay, Fraser Valley, Greater Vancouver, Interior North/Northern BC, Interior South/Okanagan, Northern Vancouver Island, Southern Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast
    I am generally available to attend mediations anywhere the parties may find convenient. I welcome inquiries in this regard and am open to discussions on travel arrangements as circumstances may require. It is also frequently that case that my office is able to provide space for the conduct of a given mediation at no charge.