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  • J.D., LL.B., Mediator & Barrister

Civil Roster Mediator Details

I offer civil mediation services for two-sided disputes and multi-party disputes.

As I routinely use third party sites for mediations, and these generally have services for parties with disabilities, this is something I can accommodate. In addition, I am set up for "virtual" mediations, and can use Zoom, Microsoft Teams, and other meeting platforms.

I also offer Christian Peace-making for Christian disputants. This is a specialized model of dispute resolution, quite unlike traditional civil mediation. It is Scripture based, and not rights based.
I was born in Port Alice, British Columbia. I was raised and educated in over twelve cities and town in Rhodesia, South Africa, and Canada. After working as an insurance underwriter, and insurance broker and agent, and briefly as the owner of a construction company, I obtained both a B.A. and an L.L.B./J.D. from the University of British Columbia. I articled and practiced with the Vancouver firm of Davis & Company for 6 years, before leaving in 1994 to found the Fraser Valley firm of Sliman, Stander & Company, which grew from 1 to 14 lawyers over 11 1/2 years. I left this firm to found Stander & Company on December 1, 2005, in order to concentrate on mediation and litigation solutions.

My litigation practice involves insurance litigation for a number of international and national insurance companies, commercial litigation for national finance companies, personal injury and wrongful death litigation, general civil litigation for local businesses, institutions, individuals, and administrative litigation for farmers involved with marketing boards. I also routinely provide advice on a variety of subjects to strata corporations. Recently, I have been heavily involved in pipeline negotiation and compensation work too.

Since 2005 I have offered services as a mediator of disputes, including those involving all forms of insurance, personal injury, motor vehicle accidents, general civil matters such as breach of contract and defamation, and employment. I employ a traditional rights-based civil mediation model in conducting such mediations.

I also provide faith-based mediation services for Christians in dispute, using a peace-making model which is God-centered, and Scripture-based.

I have a wide variety of experience in various litigation matters involving governments, institutions, businesses, farms, municipalities, societies, and individuals, and have advised clients, or mediated disputes, in cases as diverse as insurance disputes, negligence suits, defamation cases, and administrative legal challenges. My civil and insurance litigation has taken me before both the Supreme and Appellate courts, and I frequently appear before many administrative boards, and also represents clients in arbitrations. My mediation practice has covered the gamut from helping disputants reach resolution in cases involving disability insurance claims to solving a factional dispute within a society of over 100 members (all in the same room for the mediation!). I have mediated estate disputes, contract disputes, pipeline compensation disputes (for the federal government), and lease disputes. In 12 years of mediation, I have a 100% record of helping litigants or disputants to achieve settlement.

I have been counsel in over 250 mediations, and have mediated many cases as mediator since 2005. I have mediated disputes in the Lower Mainland, the rest of B.C., and elsewhere, and am available for mediations anywhere.

I truly believe that any dispute can be resolved through mediation, no matter how entrenched the parties may be in their respective positions - the magic of mediation is what can occur when you place disputants in the same place, at the same time, and add in the skills of the mediator to help them see that there is at least one solution to their dispute with which they can both (or all) be content.

Areas of Practice

Civil Litigation
Employment Law
Farm Litigation
Foreclosure Law
Insurance Law
Municipal Litigation
Personal Injury and Wrongful Death
  • Business – Business
  • Business - Consumers
  • Community
  • Employment & Workplace
  • Housing & Real Estate
  • Insurance
  • Personal Injury / Motor Vehicle
  • Professional Misconduct
  • Small Claims
  • $400 - $500
    Canada, British Columbia, Fraser Valley, Greater Vancouver, Interior South/Okanagan, Southern Vancouver Island
    My standard rate for 2-sided mediations is $400/hour. For 3 to 4 party mediations, my standard rate is $450/hour. For 5+ party mediations, my standard rate is $500/hour.

    I charge primarily for pre-mediation conferences, review of mediation materials, and mediation sessions.

    Disbursements generally include charges (room and food/beverages), and travel costs (kilometrage and time) if the mediation is more than a 1/2 hour travel from my primary office. If travel involves airfare or accommodation, these are generally authorized in advance.
    If the mediation is cancelled more than a month in advance, then there is no cancellation fee. If the mediation is cancelled within a week of the mediation date, then there is a $400 fee. If the mediation is cancelled the day before the mediation, then there is a fee to cover the costs of review of mediation materials (which would have already occurred), and a small cancellation fee, of a combined $750.00, plus any venue cancellation fees. The mediator reserves the right to waive any fees, other than those related to venue cancellation, if the mediation is rebooked with the mediator for a later date.