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  • Mediator, Trainer, Leadership/Executive Coach

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I specialize in workplace and organizational conflicts - between equals, with supervisor/employee and within teams. My orientation is to help those who want to engage conflict constructively and harness its potential as an opportunity for more healthy, respectful and compassionate workplaces. I look at each conflict as unique which might need support through conflict coaching, mediating, training, team/leadership development or a combination. I am also collaborative and work in partnership with my clients to create a solution that is both restorative and constructive. I work in health care, within academia, with human resource managers, in provincial and municipal government and the non-profit sector.
Coaching – I have extensive experience in coaching leaders, supervisors and employees to engage conflict more productively. I’ve been on the teaching team at the Justice Institute since 1998, I have a professional coaching designation from the International Coach Federation and I’ve been coaching health care professionals in a leadership development program since 2004. Coaching is especially effective when wanting to be more assertive and hold people accountable for their behaviours.

Mediating – I started mediating in 1993 – working with community, civil claim and victim/offender cases for 5 years. Since 2000, I have specialized in workplace disputes – mediating mostly in healthcare, educational, government and non-profit sectors. I believe workplace conflict is often systemic, and one of the best tools to bring divergent opinions together in a team is the use of “Circles” (also known as the “Way of Council.”). Any workplace that has teams could benefit from using a Circle approach regularly. It’s a kind of team communication hygiene 101 which creates a way to deal with issues like a need for more role clarity, a change in policy, etc – instead of just putting out fires dealing with individual/inter-personal conflicts.

Training - I started my career as an Instructor of English as a Second Language and also taught fitness for 10 years so I bring an engaging, enthusiastic style to my teaching. I have a “signature” course called “Making Tough Conversations Great” which I deliver several times a year and have also created follow up curriculum for. I have taught at Royal Roads University and through the University of Victoria (for staff) and Camosun College (also for staff) – as well as smaller organizations and associations like BC Human Resource Management Association. Training is often one part of what is needed when workplaces are suffering from conflict (though often not the only part needed). Having a team have the same understandings, for example, of what their conflict styles are under pressure – can go a long way to cultivate a more compassionate (and less litigious) workplace.

Team/Leadership Development – Conflict in the workplace is often symptomatic of other issues under the surface – whether it’s a need for supervisory/assertion skills, a need for more team development and acceptance of differences, or a lack of clarity about roles or policy. I prefer an “emergent” approach to organizational change and development work – creating ways for more information to be shared to make wiser decisions. I am familiar with, and use, research-based team/leadership development tools such as Kouzes & Posner (The Leadership Challenge), Bushe (Clear Leadership) and Lencioni (The Advantage and The Five Dysfunctions of a Team). Coaching, Mediating (and/or Circle Discussions), and Training are also other aspects which may be needed to further the development of a team.

Free Conflict Newsletter – Since 2002, I have distributed a monthly ezine on conflict topics related to Health, Environment, Negotiation – called HEN. The newsletter is available for free at my website: www.juliamenard.com.
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