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Civil Roster Mediator Details

Since beginning her legal practice in 1993, Elaine McCormack has assisted strata corporations, individual owners and management companies in establishing workable governance and reaching resolutions to their disputes. Her experience includes a broad base in general litigation, and as a solicitor. She has worked in multiple settings, including as an associate at a small firm, as an entrepreneur running a boutique firm, as Associate Counsel at a large regional firm and presently as co-founder of Wilson McCormack Law Group, an Association of Law Corporations (“WMLG”). WMLG has access to mediation facilities conveniently located in both New Westminster and Nanaimo, including the ability to hold mediations over Zoom.

As a mediator, Elaine helps parties find common ground when it may not seem possible to do so. She works with parties so that they can acknowledge what has happened in the past and focus on what needs to be resolved to move on. Elaine has a unique ability to express measured empathy for mediation participants and help the parties focus in on what is critical for the participants to reach a lasting settlement. She has mediated disputes involving a variety of matters including legal nuisance, allocation of costs between strata corporations and sections and beneficial and legal property ownership.

She has been counsel in several pivotal Supreme Court of BC Cases involving strata law. Further information regarding her experience can be obtained at www.wmlg.ca.
Ms. McCormack is an author and instructor for the British Columbia Financial Services Authority and provides ongoing professional education for strata managers in the Province of British Columbia. For decades, she has been a frequent instructor for the Condominium Homeowner’s Association and the Professional Association of Managing Agents. Ms. McCormack is a coach for the ADR Institute of BC Arbitration Courses. She has enjoyed being a guest instructor for the mediation portion of the Professional Legal Training Course for articling students provided by the Law Society of BC.

Elaine earned a B.A. in English in 1988, and a JD. in 1992. She was admitted to the BC Bar in 1993.

Ms. McCormack enjoys living in the moment, including sharing meals and travelling with family and friends, long distance running, master’s swimming, cycling and strength training.
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