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Civil Roster Mediator Details

Having spent 30+ years in Corrections and Mental Health, I have witnessed a great deal of anger/conflict and I have learned to manage both.
Mediation Consultation, Pro Bono
I have a M.S.W. and I'm a R.S.W in the province of BC. I am at Mediate BC's Family and Civil Rosters. I am on the Roster of the Hear the Child Society. I am a participant in the Vancouver Justice Access Access program. I provide Employee Assistance Programs for a number of businesses. My specialties are Family Mediation, Conflict in the Workplace and Elder Mediation. I took my mediation training at the Justice Institute of BC. I delivered the Parenting After Separation program for 14 years.

It is important to me that families that are going through separation/divorce be in a position to make their own decisions about their children, their division of property, assets and liabilities, and child and spousal support in each other's presence. The mediation sessions enhance communication and understanding in a give and take atmosphere. I bring openness, firmness and respect to the mediation so that the needs of the family members are met.

Areas of Specialty:
Family Mediation

Conflict in the Workplace
Elder Mediation

Family Mediation
Specific Skills:
managing power imbalances
co-parenting plans
division of property and assets and liabilities
child and spousal support
parent/child/teen disputes
interpersonal family conflicts/communications
focus on the best interests of the children - ONLY
financial planning past separation

The preparation of Memorandum of Understanding

Conflict in the Workplace
Specific Skills:
power struggles
personal differences
communication breakdowns
management style/organizational culture
attachment to beliefs and positions
skill deficits/performance evaluations
grievances, discipline, harassment
the management of change
fallout from difficulties at home
provide training
anger management
struggles with reorganization
wrongful dismissal/constructive dismissal

Elder Mediation
Specific Skills:
adult/child relationships
family inheritance/business
family finances
living arrangements/plan of care

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  • Business - Consumers
  • Community
  • Employment & Workplace
  • Housing & Real Estate
  • Professional Misconduct
  • Restorative Justice
  • $175 - $175
    British Columbia, Fraser Valley
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