Kyra Hudson

  • Vancouver, Greater Vancouver
  • Office: 604-809-7175
    Cell: 604-809-7175
  • LL.B., Lawyer, Mediator & Workplace Investigator

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Experience training in communications, respectful workplace, conflict resolution, mediation and negotiation. Coaching mediators in training. Developing and implementing new conflict resolution processes and programs.
Mediation Consultation, Pro Bono
In my practice I work as a mediator, trainer, facilitator, investigator and lawyer. I also work as a BC Provincial Court Mediator and have mediated 100's of disputes on an array of topics in that forum over the last eight years. My private practice is focused on workplace related conflict. I believe workplace is very suited for collaborative resolution to minimize the negative impact of conflict and maximize the potential for people and relationships; while at the same time achieving meaningful results in a timely way. I am a confident optimistic leader who works with parties to determine the best style and process for their particular situation and then implement that with buy-in from the people involved. I look forward to speaking to you about creating resolution solutions!
  • Employment & Workplace
  • Professional Misconduct
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    British Columbia, Greater Vancouver
    Rate depends on complexity of case, number of parties and location. Reduced fee mediations available depending on circumstances.