Anouk S. Crawford

  • Office: 604-858-9971
  • LL.B.

All child protection mediators have extensive training and education in dispute resolution, with demonstrated knowledge and experience in the aboriginal context, child welfare and mental health/addictions.

Child Protection Roster Mediator Details

Most of us feel powerless to find resolution to significant conflicts without safety, trust and structure. My focus as a skilled and impartial mediator is to assist you in moving towards a positive outcome that addresses your individual situation.

With a background in both psychology and law, I am uniquely suited to assist you to create and sustain a resolution structure that helps you move through difficult conflicts.

As a lawyer, my practice focused on litigation, with a focus on all aspects of family law. I began mediating in 2006 and have significant experience in working with families, educating them about family law and working with them through the challenge of creating a family structure that best supports their children, and assisting with complex property division, spousal support and mobility issues.

My professional style has been described as: practical and no nonsense, informative, educational and respectful.

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I also mediate in Hope, Chilliwack, Abbotsford, Langley, White Rock and the Fraser Valley.
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