Zahra Jenab

  • Zahra Jenab & Company, Law Corp
    220 - 545 Clyde Avenue
    West Vancouver, Greater Vancouver

  • Office: 6049256005 ext. 104
    Fax: 6049256007
  • LL.B., Family Lawyer, Mediator, Arbitrator, Parenting Co-ordinator

All child protection mediators have extensive training and education in dispute resolution, with demonstrated knowledge and experience in the aboriginal context, child welfare and mental health/addictions.

Child Protection Roster Mediator Details

I have been a family lawyer and parents' counsel in child protection matters since 1995; a family law mediator since 2010; and a child protection mediator since 2021.
I received my Bachelor of Law (LLB) degree from the University of British Columbia in 1994, and eventually established my own practice in April 2000 on the North Shore, where I continue to work and live.
My interest in non-adversarial resolution of legal issues runs deep. My training in mediation, arbitration, and collaborative divorce provide me with the tools that I need in assisting clients to reach the best possible solutions in family law situations.
I have been accredited by the Law Society of BC as a family law mediator, arbitrator and parenting coordinator. I am also a member of the BC Parenting Coordination Roster Society and the BC Hear the Child Society.
I am keenly aware of the cultural differences that often play a significant role in conflict resolution. My knowledge of Farsi/Persian language and my experience with cultural and legal issues gives me an opportunity to try to overcome language and cultural barriers, and provide legal services tailored to my clients’ specific needs.
Coast Fraser, Fraser Valley, Interior, North, Vancouver Island