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  • J.D., Lawyer, Mediator

All child protection mediators have extensive training and education in dispute resolution, with demonstrated knowledge and experience in the aboriginal context, child welfare and mental health/addictions.

Child Protection Roster Mediator Details

I have been practicing family law for the majority of my legal career. In the early years I found the prospect of going to court to "fight" for my client thrilling. But that thrill I experienced did not last long and the "fight" never seemed to end. Seeing the dissatisfaction in my clients with the court process and becoming emotionally exhausted myself, I turned to a collaborative practice and began focusing on mediation, first as counsel and now as an accredited mediator. I have a good understanding of different cultures and religions. I have experience working with people with disabilities and marginalized people. I know that I am privileged to work as a Child Protection Mediator assisting families navigate a difficult stage in their lives for the betterment of their children. I am happy to mediate in-person or virtually (online) as the situation may require. I will do my best to support everyone involved in the mediation process to achieve positive and meaningful results.
Coast Fraser, Fraser Valley, Interior, North, Vancouver Island