Crystal L. Phillips

  • Richmond, Greater Vancouver
  • Cell: 604-355-2057

All child protection mediators have extensive training and education in dispute resolution, with demonstrated knowledge and experience in the aboriginal context, child welfare and mental health/addictions.

Child Protection Roster Mediator Details

I am of Aboriginal ancestry from St'sailes and Boothroyd, BC. I was raised with the St'sailes teachings. I have worked with the Aboriginal Communities both off and on reserve since 1989. I have had the pleasure of practising my cultural/spiritual practises and the opportunity to experience other cultural/spiritual practises from other communities. I have been in the field of helping our people become healthy individuals as well as a healthy community. In my current work place, I experienced dealing with many levels of life experiences affecting our communities, such as domestic violence, addictions, mental health and the ability to parent. I have worked with all age groups. I have also had the opportunity to work with many who are from the larger multicultural groups in the Vancouver area.
Coast Fraser