Ron A. Monk

  • Resolution Services
    Box 121
    Saturna Island, Southern Vancouver Island
    V0N 2Y0

  • Office: 250-539-5404
    Fax: 250-539-5409
    Toll Free: 1-888-806-7718

All child protection mediators have extensive training and education in dispute resolution, with demonstrated knowledge and experience in the aboriginal context, child welfare and mental health/addictions.

Child Protection Roster Mediator Details

I provide facilitation of multi-party issues, planning sessions, negotiation preparation, mediation and negotiation training.
I focus on creating an atmosphere that fosters open communication around sensitive issues.

My mediation practice has encompassed a number of areas. I began mediating child protection disputes in 1993. I appreciate working with Indigenous people in the area of child protection, and have participated in traditional circles involving these matters. I have also worked with families, organizations, businesses, police forces, firefighters, land claims negotiators, labour unions, neighbours, the media, environmental groups, educational institutions and others to resolve conflict.

As an instructor, I have worked throughout Canada, the United States and Great Britain. I am a senior instructor with the Justice Institute and since 1991 have taught all levels of mediation, negotiation and facilitation skills. My mediation-specific training includes a Certificate in Conflict Resolution from the Justice Institute, Commercial Mediation through the B.C. International Commercial Arbitration Centre, Screening for Abuse and Organizational Intervention.

Music and sailing are personal passions.
Coast Fraser, North, Vancouver Island