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Strata Mediation

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Mediation can be a really great process for resolving conflicts between neighbours and those involving strata corporations and councils. Mediation can be very useful in resolving conflicts quickly, maintaining relationships that are important when living in a shared building, and creating resolutions where there is buy in from all parties so that enforecement doesn't become an issue. You can also go into a building with the mediator to get a better understanding of the circumstances when a dispute involves noise, quality of work, or other location specific issues. 

Elaine McCormack is a lawyer and mediator with over 22 years of experience and a speciality in resolving strata disputes. You can learn more about her substantial experience with strata disputes on her civil roster profile. You can watch the full interview with Elaine about why mediation can be very useful for homeowners and strata council members below.




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This interview was part of a series on different kinds of disputes that you could mediate, which was done for Conflict Resolution Week 2021. You can watch the rest of the series here.