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Insurance Mediation

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Insurance mediation occurs when one of the parties to a dispute is an insurance company. It can occur in many cases including personal injury, wrongful dismissal, sexual harassment or abuse, social host liability, property damage, occupiers’ liability and professional liability. Insurance disputes will typically go to mediation, and frequently settle before a trial.

Lawyer ad civil roster mediator Rose Keith, QC, joins us for a discussion on why mediation is so valuable, and so frequently used, for settling disputes that involve insurance providers. Rose has acted as both counsel and as a mediator for insurance matters for 25 years, and brings a wealth of experience and insight into this topic. Key themes from the interview include managing risk, understanding how claims are assessed and how a judge would come to a decision, strategic planning, and the importance of the insurance adjuster meeting the plaintiff and hearing their story.

This conversation was part of Conflict Resolution Week 2021 where we discussed different kinds of conflict that #YouCouldMediate. You can watch the rest of the interviews here.

Watch the replay of our conversation below:




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