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Construction Mediation

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Mediation is an effective tool for resolving all kinds of construction disputes. Whether you are a homeowner doing renovations who has a dispute with a contractor, a development company or large strata who have a dispute with a constuction company or contractor, or there are complex disputes where many contractors and subcontractors are parties but not really involved, mediation is a fast, affordable process to resolve disputes and preserve reputations.

Howard Nemtin has been mediating since 1998, and has conducted over 2,000 mediations, many of them in the construction and real estate context. Before he became a Mediate BC Civil Roster Mediator, Howard had a long career in construction and real estate development. Howard shares his substantial experience with us in an interview over Instagram Live. You can watch the replay below:




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This interview was part of a series on different kinds of disputes that you could mediate, which was done for Conflict Resolution Week 2021. You can watch the rest of the series here.