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Conflict Resolution Week 2021

Posted by mbcstaff

Conflict Resolution Week is fast approaching. This year it is October 17-23. For the public education part of Conflict Resolution Week we are focusing on two common barriers to mediation: awareness that mediation can be used for different kinds of conflicts, and uncertainty about how to choose a mediator. We are looking for mediators to share their experience and examples from their practices.

Mediators know that mediation is an effective conflict resolution process that can be used for many conflicts in a variety of industries and contexts. Some mediators have practices that specialize in a specific area or context, many of which would surprise those unfamiliar with mediation. And, no matter your practice area, you probably have stories of mediation used successfully in surprising or unexpected circumstances. Members of the public are much less familiar with all of the instances where mediation could be an appropriate conflict resolution process, and are often surprised to hear how versatile it can be. Awareness of mediation as an option for resolving a wide variety of conflicts is an important part of expanding the use of this process in BC. 

We are looking for mediators to share their stories and experience of different kinds of conflicts that can be resolved with mediation, in either a video interview on Instagram Live or by writing a blog post. We are especially looking for examples from members of our Civil Mediator Roster to highlight all the ways mediation can be used in civil disputes.

One of the frequent questions we get at Mediate BC from members of the public is how to decide which mediator would be a good fit for them. Sometimes practical considerations like location, schedule and budget are important. However, many other factors can be important in finding a mediator the client is comfortable and confident hiring. Factors like personal style, shared values, specific experience or expertise, or simply a good recommendation can be influential. 

Again we are looking for mediators to either write a short blog post, or to have a conversation on Instagram Live, answering questions like:

  • If a good friend needs a mediator, what do you tell them to consider when making their selection? What questions should they ask any mediator they might hire?
  • When you have a potential client reach out, what kinds of questions do you ask in helping them assess whether you are the right mediator for their conflict? 
  • When do you refer a potential client to a colleague who would be better able to address their needs? 
  • What are the reasons your clients love working with you?

If you are interested in participating in one or both of these public education topics, or if you have any questions, please email our public education coordinator Zoe Stryd (zoe.stryd at