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Chinese Language Day

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Today, April 20th 2022, is United Nation's Chinese Language Day. To recognize this day, we hosted a conversation about mediation in Cantonese between four mediators on Mediate BC's civil and family rosters. 

今天(2022 年 4 月 20 日) 是聯合國中文日。為紀念這日子,我們邀請了Mediate BC民事及家事調解員名冊上的四位調解員以粵語舉辦了一場關於調解的對話。

Watch civil mediators Alex Ning and Yeda Hong, and family mediators Dorcas Lee and Claudia Hui, have a conversation on what is mediation, how does it compare to other methods of dispute resolution like arbitration or court, what kinds of conflicts are approprite to mediate, and what are the costs and benefits of this way to resolve conflicts.

請收看民事調解員 Alex Ning 和 Yeda Hong 以及家事調解員 Dorcas Lee 和Claudia Hui 討論有關調解是什麼,調解與仲裁或法院等其他爭議解決方法有何分別, 那些類型的衝突適合調解,以及調解的收費及好處。




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