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Animal Law

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Are you curious about how the law impacts wild and companion animals? 

Rebeka Breder, animal protection advocate and animal law lawyer, joined us for a Q&A on our Instagram channel. We talk about conflict when deciding who is going to keep companion animals; issues that come up with neighbours, buildings and stratas; dog training and shock collars; issues around shared trails and fearful animal behaviours; animal protection legislation; current animal welfare issues to get involved in and much more. Watch the full interview below:



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You can learn more about Rebeka's work and contact her through her website or follow her on Twitter for updates

Animal Advocacy Links

Canadian Horse Defence Coalition
Canadian Horse Defence Coalition has information on the slaughter of horses in Canada for human consumption and the export of live horses for human consumption abroad. They also have links to a House of Commons petition to ban the export of live horses for slaughter, due date is June 18th 2021.

Pacific Wild
Pacific Wild has information on the wolf cull in BC and action steps to protest the killing of wolves.

Conflict Resolution Resources

Call a Family Mediator
Mediators on the family roster can help you resolve a family conflict involving pets in collaborative way, outside of the court system. For example when spouses or partners separate and need to decide who is keeping the family pet.

Call a Civil Mediator
Mediators on the civil roster can help you resolve a non-family conflict involving pets in collaborative way, outside of the court system. Conflicts with neighbours, stratas, other residential issues, other pet owners, veterinarians, groomers, and other businesses that impact pets. Depending on the nature of the dispute you may choose to have legal representation or you may not.

Monthly Virtual Pro Bono Clinic
Speak to a mediator at one of our free, monthly conflict resolution clinics, for information on if mediation is appropriate.

Quarantine Conflict Resolution Service
If you have a conflict that is due to COVID-19 (whether it includes an animal or not) we have a program that provides low cost mediation services based on income.