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Kindness Stories from the Community

Posted by Walter.Brynjolfson

At Mediate BC, our staff team is buoyed by the conflict resolution community’s energy and willingness to be kind and support each other. We’ve decided to amplify the mood by joining the Annual Melee of Kindness (AMOK) run by Random Acts (a non-profit whose mission is to inspire acts of kindness around the world both big and small).

As you may have seen on our Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook, our staff all have committed to carry out and share one act of kindness each day from May 23 to May 31.

This blog post is a log of our kindness exploits and those of conflict resolution community members around the province. If you’re reading this before May 31, 2020, you’re not too late to join! Click this link to register through Random Acts and share what you’re doing to add a little kindness to the world.

Be sure to post with our hashtag #MBCkindness so we can include your stories here.

Instagram Live Sessions

During AMOK we’re hosting an Instagram live session every day with a Mediate BC staff member. Come get to know our team! Here’s the schedule so you can tune in:

May 23, 11 AM — Zoe Stryd — Acknowledge Someone Important to You
May 24, 2 PMHeverton Oliveira — Recommend a Local Businesses
May 25, 2 PMJoan Braun — Help Someone New
May 26, 4 PMWalter Brynjolfson — Call a Senior
May 27, 1 PMAmanda Semenoff — Peer Support Day!
May 28, 9:30 AMSharon Sutherland — Support a Local Artist
May 29, 2 PM — Alyssia Yu — Self Care Day
May 30, 3 PMAnn Lee — Make and Share #GratitudeBots
May 31, 3 PMMelanie Carfantan McLachlan — Support a Charity

And check out our May 22nd interview with Random Acts Regional Representative Darsey Meredith for a full description of AMOK!

Day 1 - May 23: Acknowledge Someone Important

Express gratitude to a teacher, mentor, close friend or perhaps a front-line worker, essential service provider, or even a kind stranger. Like Zoe (seen below), you can write them a letter, or you can send them an email, share a story about them, or otherwise let people know about how important they are.

Sharon Sutherland wrote a blog post



A post shared by Mediate BC (@mediate.bc) on



Day 2 - May 24: Recommend a Local Business

Share recommendations for local businesses providing important services during the state of emergency. Walter took the above shot, recommending The Fish Counter on Main Street in Vancouver. Give your favourites a shout out!


Day 3 - May 25: Help Someone New

Offer your time to someone new to your field. If you’re a Roster mediator, reach out to an Associate Roster mediator to offer ideas, tips, or just some time to answer questions. Joan Braun joined us for a livestream on Instagram to share advice about mediating when older adults are participants.


Day 4 - May 26: Call a Senior


Day 5 - May 27: Peer Support Day

You may know someone in your family or in your neighbourhood who is isolated and feeling vulnerable. Reach out to them by phone or offer to lend a helping hand with errands. Or register with BC211 to be matched to a senior in need of help.



Day 6 - May 28: Support an Artist

Watch an online concert and make a donation to a musician, check out an online theatre offering, visit the Social Distancing Festival, commission or buy work by a favourite artist. We’ll post our ideas that day – share your own!

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