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Come Play Among Us!

Posted by Ann.Lee

Join us on June 3, 2021 to try it out or perfect your game with friends and colleagues!

Among Us has taken the world by storm. It has consistently been one of the most popular games throughout the pandemic, helping people keep in touch and make connections while quarantined.  Among Us is both a game of collaboration and betrayal, lending itself to a wealth of opportunities to experience, observe, and learn about conflict.

The game is played with four to ten people. Most of these people are working together as the crew of a spaceship, but a saboteur lurks in their midst. At least one imposter is also part of the group, who works to eliminate crew members, turn them against each other, and sabotage the ship. The crewmembers work together to complete tasks and to identify the imposter. Each wrong guess that eliminates a crewmember weakens the likelihood of the crew’s success. For the imposter, it is crucial to be able to deceive the other players; for the crew, it all turns on being able to see through the deception. Have a look at a recent CoRe Reading Conflict session description for videos of game play.

For conflict resolution professionals, playing Among Us offers an interesting (and ideally fun) way to hone skills useful in dispute resolution. Playing the game is all about picking up on subtle communications. Players engage in behavior that is typically not encouraged, such as lying, sabotage, murder, and making accusations. In so doing, Among Us allows players to see each other in ways not usually part of every-day life. Players must ask each other questions to try to find the imposter, and each round offers a new chance to learn which questions will generate the most useful information. The game can also bring out strong emotions. People may feel strongly about playing the role of the imposter, being killed by the imposter, or being ejected by fellow crewmembers.

Part of the appeal of Among Us is that it brings people together in situations that can be both emotionally charged and revealing. Among Us may be the most fun you can have learning how to frame questions to draw out a person’s truth and observing your own emotions when feeling betrayed or deceived.   

Come play with us on June 3 at 5:30pm!

If you have never tried, come join us in some game play to see what communication and CR skills you might rely on and test your ability to manage emotions while staying on task! What skills are you surprised to be using instead?

If you have played before, does playing with CR peers and enthusiasts change how you play the game? Do you need to step up your game?

Bring your beverage & snacks of choice and join us on Zoom. We will also be joined by our friends and colleagues from the Northwest Happy Hour sponsored by WSBA ADR Section. The more the merrier!


Registration Deadline: June 2


Before you play, you'll need to download the game. Follow these instructions before the event to be ready to play!

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