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The New CEO of Mediate BC

Posted by Heverton.Oliveira

I am very happy to be writing my first message to you as CEO of Mediate BC!

Monique SteensmaI have been part of this organization since 2005 when I completed the Court Mediation Practicum, and then went on to be a Small Claims Mediator, a member of the Civil Roster with a private mediation practice, and most recently, Manager of the Court Mediation and Roster Programs. Now, I look forward to continuing to build on our successes and find new opportunities.

Kari Boyle has done an extraordinary job of leading Mediate BC forward for the last nine years, and I only hope I can live up to the example she has set for leadership of this organization and in this community. I am very happy that she is staying on as the Director of Strategic Initiatives, as I know that I will continue to benefit from her wise guidance as I step into my new role.

I look forward to forging new relationships and reconnecting with our stakeholders, including people and organizations seeking ways to manage and resolve their disputes; mediators and those aspiring to become mediators; and representatives of the many other organizations with whom we collaborate and serve.

Please get in touch if you have any thoughts or questions that you would like to share, or just would like to say hello. You can reach me at 604-684-1300 ext. 200, or by email.

I also invite you to connect in the digital world if you have not done so already, you can find me on Twitter at @MoniqueSteensma or on LinkedIn at


Monique Steensma
CEO, Mediate BC


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