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Many Hands Makes Joyful Work

Posted by Heverton.Oliveira

What better time than Volunteer Recognition Week to take a moment to thank and honour the many volunteers making our community bright.

Whether providing the public information about their options for conflict resolution at a table in the courthouse, a booth at a small business event, creating scavenger hunts, leading workshops,  or coaching conflict and communication skills – you make conflict resolution pop!

Volunteering is an enriching experience for everyone involved. Mediate BC benefits enormously as you help us provide a much broader public outreach than we could otherwise. Volunteering also helps promote your practices, connect with other mediators and provide a real value to the public.

We hope to provide even more opportunities in the coming year. Keep an eye out for calls for volunteers in our newsletters. If you would like to get involved, and if you have ideas for new avenues for Mediate BC and our Roster Mediators to support your organization or community through volunteering, please get in touch!

Presenting Our 2017-18 Volunteers!

Rebecca Alleyne Katherine Fraser Valerie London Maria Silva
Laraine Ashpole Brian Gibbard Julia Menard Ron Smith
Susan Belford Chris Harris Darsey Meredith Susan Smith
Kathleen Bellamano Trudy Hopman Mark Meredith Angela Stadel
Kari Boyle Darrin Hotte Rowan Meredith Sharon Sutherland
Joan Braun Shehnaz Hozaima Kevin Moye Paul Sweatman
Jereme Brooks Kyra Hudson Howard Nemtin Ashley Syer
Lori Charvat Paul Jacks Leslie Palleson Kellie Tennant
Shelley Chrest Katherine Lazaruk Amy Robertson Catherine Watson
Nicholette D'Angelo James Loewen Jaime Sarophim Dan Williams


We appreciate your dedication and support.

We would also like to recognize our Board of Directors and members of our Roster Committee; all of whom serve on a volunteer basis. Their guidance and oversight is invaluable to Mediate BC. These are time-consuming and intense volunteer roles that provide an enormous benefit to all of us in the mediation community. Thank you to all the current and past Directors and Roster Committee members who served Mediate BC over the past year:

Board of Directors

  • Judge Andrea Brownstone
  • Lori Charvat
  • Julie Daum
  • Brian Gibbard
  • Bill Keen
  • Richard Stewart, QC

Roster Committee

  • Leanne Harder
  • Arlene H. Henry, QC
  • Carol Hickman, QC
  • Andela Stadel
  • Richard Stewart, QC
  • James Vilvang, QC
  • Dan Williams

Thank you all!

Photo by Tim Marshall on Unsplash

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