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Congratulations Ashley Syer!

Posted by Heverton.Oliveira

Ashley Syer is the 2017-18 winner of the Allan Parker, QC Award for Representation Services.

Watch the presentation below (at the 22:45 mark):

In addition to her law practice, Ashley Syer completed Mediate BC’s Small Claims Mediation Practicum in 2015 and was soon after admitted to the Civil Mediator Roster.

It is then unsurprisingly that she has also volunteered her time with Mediate BC and CoRe leading talks, coaching conflict resolution skills, and training mediators. In addition to Ashley’s law and conflict resolution practice, she is an active performer in Vancouver’s theatre scene.

About the Allan Parker QC Award for Representation Services

This award was originally given annually by Pro Bono Law of BC to recognize the contribution of individual lawyers serving on the various representation rosters. Since the merger of Access Justice and Pro Bono Law of BC, one award has been given each year to recognize the exemplary representation services of an individual volunteer lawyer. In October 2011, the award was named in honour of the late Allan Parker QC who was an Executive Director of Access Justice and an Associate Executive Director of APB. (

Allan Parker, QC was also a Small Claims Mediator in Mediate BC’s Court Mediation Program from 2005 until 2012. Mediate BC CEO Monique Steensma recalls that “he recognized that the true value of mediation goes beyond the mediation room. He spoke of how these skills ripple out and have positive impacts on all those we are connected with.”

Mediate BC is truly thankful to Access Pro Bono for highlighting Ashley Syer’s many contributions.

On behalf of Mediate BC, congratulations Ashley! This award is well-deserved.

Photo: Sharon Sutherland

Video: Access Pro Bono



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