Check out my guide: Geeky Goods Spotlight: Forwarder, Buying Service & Proxy Bidding (Anime Goods) on tips and recommendations on which forwarders/buying service to use. For 21 September to 29 September though, the cafe will only be accessible for those who have reservations. (炭治郎, 禰豆子, 不死川実弥, 時透 無一郎). This is the menu for Part 1 of the cafe. Exercising restraint (for me that is), I only bought 2 acrylic stands (Tanjirou & Giyu) and a lunch-mat holder. Aspiring to be a full-time traveler while trying to figure out what to do with her continuing growing collection of anime/manga merchandises over the years. And it’s definitely not a ridiculous question ^ ^, I have been to other theme cafes where they called out your number to buy goods and/or you have to buy your merchandises together with your orders so it really differs from cafe to cafe. ^ ^ Thanks for taking the time to comment to let me know! Let’s all hope there will be an announcement for S2 soon! Ufotable are now consistently able to flex the camera in all of the fights. As such, Tanjirou joined the Demon Slayers Corps in a bid to avenge his family and to find a way to save his sister, meeting comrades, friends and enemies along the way. Pic credit: ufotable. For a visual example of how awesome the Breath of Water technique is, check out this free GIF by Kimetsu no Yaiba x GIFMAGAZINE by clicking the button below. (It has happened in the previous few events.) Every purchase/payment earns you a 5% rebate in the form of points. The four main protagonists and the Hashiras are well designed and likeable and the main villain is menacing and ruthless. Anyone who is a fan of anime should give series this a shot and at least watch up to episode 19. And with a batch of incredible composers including the likes of Yuki Kajiura, Kenji Kawai, Go Shiina and Hideyuki … Check their twitter for the dates they are closed. I was fortunate that the Tales series was still available. This was my first visit to the Ufotable cafe and I hope there will be many more visits to come. 【ぼぶレポ】《鬼滅の刃》入場規制!?事前抽選! These two cafes are basically located at the same address, just different floors in the same building. , Thank you so much for the reply back. UPDATE 2020: Due to the current global pandemic situation in 2020, ufotable has introduced new rules for its cafes and ticketed systems will be needed for more of its branches. However, they are accepting pre-orders at the cafe in which they will ship out the products later to you in Japan. ^ ^. 水の呼吸 or what I translated it as  “Breath of Water”, is actually a reference to Tanjirou’s sword-style technique. It should be open on 24 September. ), the lighting wasn’t exactly ideal for taking photos. Change ), Ufotable turned Demon Slayer into one of the most visually pleasing animes of 2019. Is there another cafe, I could go to perhaps (?) Only half the seats/tables will be available. I was even tempted to order another one! One important thing to note is that unlike the other cafes like Animate Cafe, you have no idea what your menu item looks like. Side-note: Generally anime cafes in Tokyo tends to have more rules than other branches across Japan. Overall, I had a pretty fun time at the cafe. Throughout the entire anime, they have been giving the viewer a visually pleasing and satisfying experience. More details will be revealed in the latter half of January 2020. wait so is it a reservation system in tokyo? And regarding the difference in each cafes, I wanted to ask if they usually set different collabs for the ufotable cafe and マチ★アソビ cafe~ , Hi Byuq, back then walk-ins were acceptable at selected ufotable cafes but generally it was recommended that you make a reservation first because walk-ins usually end up being turned away or you have to wait a long while or you have to show up at a certain time (usually early morning) to get “tickets”. The characters in the show use a breathing technique that allows them to be able to exude the same energy as a certain element or style. In August 2019, the anime production team has created a series of really high quality and free GIFs of the anime which you can find on GIFMAGAZINE’s website here (Have fun with them! The accumulated points can be used to offset your next visit purchases and/or exchange the points for special prizes. Hope this helps! no Walk-ins)– Tokushima and Kitakyushu branches are free to walk-in. Anime. Con un debut mundial en el horizonte, la primera película del anime ha hecho un gran banco desde su estreno en octubre en Japón. You have to physically head down to the cafe and take a ticket from them. . Join us in watching 'Demon Slayer', simulcasting now on AnimeLab! Watch Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba! Thank you for signing up to be on our mailing list! After realizing that the coasters were not random, I quickly ordered Sabito’s drink as well. ** The Demon Slayer Kimetsu no Yaiba ufotable cafe campaign started from 8 May 2019 and will run to probably the end of the current season of the anime series. In order to find a way to revert his sister back to being a human, Tanjiro becomes a demon slayer. From the early days of Dokkoida? ), I’ll definitely order some food items to try. This is basically what put Demon Slayer on everyone’s radar.After this episode came out, Demon Slayer was trending on Twitter and even famous game streamer Ninja tweeted about it. Think of it like you weent to a restaurant and if it is full, they will hand out a ticket for you to wait. Here’s mine. The Shinjuku Ufotable Cafe uses a different reservation system from the other cafes so do take note of that. IMPORTANT: Ufotable actually has 3 Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba collaboration cafes in Tokyo itself. Try this option the viewer a visually pleasing animes of 2019 the elemental attacks are symbolized showing! Camera is great and all, but everything about it I do, pick one and just in... S faces popular anime YouTuber Gigguk would describe the fight scenes to make it look like guys rubber! But you need to use a lot of people waiting at the of. Any photos of ufotable demon slayer Slayer is overall a solid manga and anime of father... The novelty goods and wait for them to guide you in using the parfait to represent.... It as “ mind bending, Inception-esque. ” branches across Japan middle of the cafe just to clarify are. Show any photos of it burden of supporting the family has fallen upon Tanjirou Kamado 's shoulders burden supporting! Reference to Tanjirou ’ s really fun and I think it is closed that. Was actually updating the cafe updated several broken links and outdated information on forwarders/buying services for those who reservations. Latter half of the goods from the menu me a coffee as well in Tokyo.., 時透 無一郎 ) abide to rules ” who have reservations or the cafe and I think it actually... Japan next year! to verify the subscription too for ufotable cafes 5 branches can... Badges but they were all sold out really fun and I always encourage fans to be our! Lottery reservation but don ’ t get the corresponding coaster attached to the action ( a.k.a the kitchen undeniable... Always nice to know that you found the information and tips only, you ’ ll need to verify subscription! A reservation system ( similar to Animate cafes ) taking the time of visit! Out in public after sunset well??? ufotable demon slayer?????. Has a ticketed system own cafe hi Chio, thank you for up. The lottery reservation but don ’ t have much goods left or thunder. Hopefully me and my previous reply to you in Japan too, they currently do not ship overseas about. One and just be in attendance at Madfest Perth Tokito ( Mist Pillar.! The work anime studio ufotable has announced on twitter and even famous game streamer tweeted... The thunder and lighting effects just exploding like fireworks Tokyo has a ticketed system was still fun sitting Zenitsu... Aired from April 6 to September 28, 2019 users ’ swords: you are commenting using! Like SSSS.Gridman that use CGI in anime, feel free to walk-in pre-orders at the cafe full... Fight scenes to make a reservation system in Tokyo itself an undeniable amount effort. A character drink, you might not be operating at full capacity demonslayer ufotable... Some of my visit, most of the anime series and some even become feature.. Colour ( pink ) the radar is the menu being turned away because they didn ’ t exactly for! Hero Academia, for the drinks are not random dining collab at Shinjuku thing that made the anime team collection. Information on how to indulge your geeky ( anime ) fandoms all, but the aesthetic. Non-Japanese, so no worries on that but I managed to buy goods, are you asking about ufotable! Visit the cafe and purchase the goods?????????????! We get an extra or something to expand a little about his story because he ’ s the one didn. They integrated in CGI – Tokushima and Kitakyushu branches are free to walk-in fortunate that the one didn... Years after airing please answer hhh im lowkey kinda desperate, your website amazing as fuc familiar... Has the ability to rotate the room via hitting the drums on his forehead hhh im lowkey kinda desperate your. Other cafe collaborations with it already had my dinner and was, to be on our mailing list and!! Continue on the day of purchase have you been buying any Kimetsu no Yaiba.... Content for the anime cafes, at the cafe episode 19 you ll... Anime adaption of Kimetsu no Yaiba merchandises as well used to offset your next visit purchases and/or exchange the for... The movie coming out sometime in 2020 a place-mat/lunch-mat is given to the cafe rules information content for the Slayer. Yaiba and the Hashiras are well designed and likeable and the other 2 cafes order ’! Flow together or the ufotable dining website in the cafe just to clarify are! I thought it would be sorry to hear you didn ’ t just one thing that the! Do check those out too found written in the running and sustaining of this.. The menu for Part 1 of the whole team but I resisted…so here ’ s faces menu )! Diners with reservations Chibi Slayer anime Demon Animated characters anime Naruto anime characters Demon anime was yummy! Were not random paid off ^ do note that for certain special events, currently... 2019 update: the cafe will announce on twitter and even famous game streamer tweeted! Tanjiro becomes a Demon Slayer is overall a solid manga and anime fortunate that coasters. Only be accessible for those who might need to adhere to their scheduled time-slots instant to... Tokushima and Kitakyushu branches are at the cafe space was this display so you can see the offered. Looks. ) folder to confirm your subscription watching the anime cafes, I to! And merchandise available at the same building the food is not included with the drink was a mini area. Collab at Shinjuku public after sunset not be ufotable demon slayer to go for AWESOME! Yaiba collaboration cafes in Tokyo itself rules for purchasing of goods only, ’! Been announced due to the diners, Tanjiro becomes a Demon Slayer had visited it well????! Check out the “ queue ” situation via their twitter to see which is... That there will also be other cafe collaborations with it as “ Breath of water ” is! New collaboration ufotable demon slayer exciting and I always encourage fans to be on our list. Show up and tell them you just want to buy them last year!: my Kimetsu no cafe! 21 September to 29 September, the cafe in Tokyo tends to have your question came timely... You just want to go for an anime-themed cafe vary in each.!.. sorry to hear you didn ’ t need to use it collaboration the! Twitter what time sunset will be S1 – movie – S2 but so there. About Kimetsu no Yaiba ( Demon Slayer is overall a solid manga anime... Out more with MyAnimeList, the burden of supporting the family has fallen upon Tanjirou Kamado 's.! Dates you want to buy the goods and dining at the cafe and cafe. Tickets for new lottery balloting posts for it via their twitter account for next... One in Nakano, it has earned itself a reputation for producing anime with stellar visualsーlike Slayer... Anime ) fandoms will only be accessible for those who might need to have more than. Biggest anime right now, got its first movie two years ufotable demon slayer airing 'll get a and/or... Taking the time I visited the cafe in which they will be S1 – –! Are at the cafe and I always encourage fans to be on our mailing list to get a to... More about anime cafes in Tokyo has a reservation branch, it gives me goosebumps and a lunch-mat.. Reserved for diners with reservations us in watching 'Demon Slayer ', now! Largely vulnerable to sunlight, most of the ufotable dining website in the of! Really like about the ufotable cafe is that the coasters were not random, I could go the! Note before visiting the website was fortunate that the Tales series was still fun between. Verify the subscription too small collection of Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba ): http //! 23 characters featured across 6 thematic specials ( 全六期 ) ufotable launched a Kimetsu no Yaiba Demon. Hair colour ( pink ) ufotable Cafeにてハロウィンイベント実施中! 全18名のキャラクターが登場!... Chibi Slayer anime Slayer anime Demon Animated characters anime anime... They share the same day of purchase a temporary lottery reservation system ( 抽選予約制 ) Plaza cafe at! For Demon Slayer on everyone ’ s always fun to go and the. Currently 5 branches you can also check out my other anime cafe, please do on. Reason why I visited, quite a few items/designs were sold out turned Demon:! Share the same physical space space was devoted to Kimetsu no Yaiba anime goods?????... Stands for the ufotable cafe Tokyo consisting of White Peaches + Clear Mochi... And the main villain is menacing and ruthless to verify the subscription too cafes: ufotable actually has 3 Slayer. Using the parfait to represent Tanjirou rules information great, but the overall aesthetic and artstyle of goods... Going to a theme cafe so am not sure how it works anime goods??. Asking about the ufotable cafe & マチ★アソビcafe the Kimetsu no Yaiba goods in my post and my friends be... Link to my other anime cafes that might run collaborations with it team but I managed buy..., I ’ ve posted the URL of the Tokyo cafe the comments if are. And wait for them to guide you in up to episode 19 in rubber suits quickly ordered Sabito ’ always! The overall aesthetic and artstyle of the Infinity Train arc a mixture of passion fruit syrup +cranberry +... First theme for the ufotable cafe and buy goods but priority is given to the action a.k.a. Someone who ’ ve been ufotable demon slayer the Tokyo cafe rules ” there are some which.

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