Pierce is bored with Patty’s droning and tries to shut himself off. [23]When Marge reveals this to Patty, Patty thinks Marge is being homophobic, but Leslie reveals that he is indeed a man. In 1989, a team of production companies adapted the Simpsons into a half-hour prime time series for FOX. Patty's only notable relationship with a woman, however, has been with Veronica, who was a professional golfer. Cartoon show The Simpsons has ended months of speculation by revealing the identity of its gay character - Marge's sister Patty Bouvier. [4] The second was when both Homer and Patty were disgusted that Selma got into a relationship with Homer's father Abe, who is twice her age, and they decided to work together to break them up. They share an apartment at the Spinster City apartment complex and both work at the DMV. They have joint-ownership of a Volkswagen Thing. [28] Selma says "I can't face prison" and Patty replies "I can. Before she came out as a lesbian, she was seen alongside her sister as having a massive fangirl fascination with MacGyver, even going as far as to abduct his actor Richard Dean Anderson, and she also once arranged for a "gentleman caller" to arrive by tricking the man, a TV repairman, into thinking there was a broken TV and forced him to "spend the night" with them. Their dislike towards Homer has even led to push Homer off a bridge,[34] although they half-heartedly claim they did this in order to get him to his surprise party, which was conveniently on a boat passing beneath the bridge at the time. They have, on occasion, acted unprofessionally in the course of their jobs, usually when Homer is involved. During the adoption process, Selma pretended to be married to Homer, since the Chinese government only allows children to be adopted by married couples. It is stated by Selma that Patty's date with Skinner was her first date in about twenty-five years. We're glad! [26], Once, when Homer had to apply for a chauffeur’s license to become a chauffeur so he could pay off a debt he owed them, they purposely failed him to show how much of a loser he was. ", Selma has actively sought out a husband, and has been married to six different men. While the sisters bash Homer, the kids are often in earshot. They have a strong, mutual (and reciprocated) dislike for Homer as they often make fun of him and are quite quick to point out his faults. Patricia Maleficent "Patty" Bouvier Julie Kavner, Actress: The Simpsons. [19] For his part, Homer regards them as the "Gruesome Twosome"[20] or "Fatty and Smellma"[21] and was delighted when he (mistakenly) heard they had died. Unable to find companionship in a man, Selma has also sought to have children. [6], Patty and Selma have a strong, mutually reciprocated dislike for their brother-in-law Homer. [51], According to the publications Zeek: A Jewish Journal of Thought and Culture and Value War: Public Opinion and the Politics of Gay Rights, it was the controversial lesbian outing of the main character (played by Ellen DeGeneres) in the sitcom Ellen in 1997 that paved the way for Patty's coming-out in "There's Something About Marrying", as well as for many other gay characters on other television shows. [38] Homer also agreed to pose as Selma's husband to help her adopt a baby from China. She gets stabbed through the torso and when Bart comments on the age of her “corpse”, she says “It was five minutes ago, you twit!” and then dies. [29] In one episode, where Patty stayed at the Simpson house during a fight with Selma despite Homer's reluctance, Patty privately admitted to Homer that she only mocks him because she is jealous of him having a successful marriage and family with Marge, while all she has is Selma, leaving Homer feeling grateful for her having opened, albeit briefly, a window of kindness.[30]. At the end of Treehouse of Horror 2016, they and several other characters swim while a James Bond-esque song plays. There had been many previous hints of her sexuality: she was seen visiting a burlesque house;[31] she exclaimed (upon seeing Homer naked) "There goes the last lingering thread of my heterosexuality";[32] she was seen hiding in a closet with Smithers on a parade float during a gay pride parade. Homer usually tries to be polite to them out of respect for Marge, but Patty and Selma do not hide their contempt for him. Patty wears a pink dress, with pink shoes and blue triangle earrings and orange or blue spherical beads while Selma wears purple or orange elliptical beads. [1] Patty and Selma, both gravel-voiced chain-smokers, work at the Springfield Department of Motor Vehicles. It is presumed they are in their mid to late 40s. She also experimented with her. In return for their allowance, Marge used to do chores for them. For example, they have been shown in swimsuits with and without leg hair. Two Cars in Every Garage and Three Eyes on Every Fish, So It's Come to This: A Simpsons Clip Show, https://simpsons.fandom.com/wiki/Patty_Bouvier?oldid=934907. Her relationship with Homer remains one of mutual hatred. Patricia Maleficent[1] "Patty" Bouvier (born February 28, 1952) is one of Marge's cynical chain-smoking twin sisters, who works at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) and has a strong dislike for her brother-in-law, Homer Simpson. Generally, Patty is more hostile to Homer than Selma is. They also teamed up to try to scupper the burgeoning relationship between Selma and Homer's father Abe. In Treehouse of Horror VI, Homer, along with Bart, Lisa, Santa's Little Helper, and Snowball II dread Patty and Selma's visits so much that each of them hide in various places throughout the house, leading Homer to go into another dimension. For example, when Patty states to Lisa the she was just "Trashing her father" Lisa sticks up for Homer but Patty did not seem to care what Lisa had to say. [16] Patty has also given stoner Otto Mann a driver's license due to their mutual dislike for Homer,[17] and both she and Selma deliberately failed Homer on his limousine driver's test, but their victory smoking nearly cost them their jobs until Homer intervened. Patty's decision to not have relationships has been implied to be due to her then-closeted sexuality. "),[10] and hints of her sexual orientation have been dropped many times; as she is seen coming out of a burlesque house. "), appeared on a float at a pride parade, and had tomboy tendencies as a child. In one episode, she or Selma said "Hello everybody except Homer.” Indeed, the one time Patty and Homer willingly worked together was specifically due to mutual goals of wanting to prevent her sister and his father, respectively from hooking up. [23] As adults, the Bouvier twins have a friendly relationship with their sister and seem very protective of her and thus frequently visit the Simpsons. The Simpsons first appeared to the world on April 19, 1987 on The Tracey Ullman Show. However, she did consider Skinner a gentleman and ended their relationship with the words "Good night, sweet principal. Patricia and Selma Bouvier (/ˈbuːvi.eɪ/) are fictional characters in the American animated sitcom The Simpsons. In “The Sweets Hereafter”, they are Peppermint Patty and Selma. [36] Homer has also called them "Penis curling she devils" during a party Marge threw. And after her coming out, the writers basically retconned those storylines out of her. [37] Homer was sympathetic to her when she broke down after a disastrous trip to Duff Gardens with Bart and Lisa, remarking "I just couldn't cut it today", referring to raising kids. For example, in the season thirteen episode "Jaws Wired Shut" she is part of the Springfield Gay Pride Parade's "stayin' in the closet" float, though only her voice was heard and she was not seen. In Treehouse of Horror XXI, Selma plays a “Mystery Dude” game. Install Hustle Castle and get a SPECIAL BONUS! Her standards are extremely low, as evidenced by her comments on Mr. Burns: "Single, eh? The Simpsons Simpsons Cartoon Cartoon Art Patty Y Selma Simpsons Frases Lana Del Rey Memes Beatles Songs Funny Tumblr Posts Patterns Tumblr Post anything (from anywhere! However, she did consider Principal Skinner a gentleman and had seemed to take it hard that she could not marry him, ending their relationship with the words "Good night, sweet principal." When Richard Dean Anderson tells them he hated playing MacGyver they kidnap him but eventually grow tired of him and get him to leave. $pringfield (Or, How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Legalized Gambling), A Springfield Summer Christmas for Christmas. Also, Selma has already hit menopause, which usually happens between the late 40s or early 50s. Hair [45] It has been implied that Selma had a second failed marriage to Sideshow Bob, giving her a total of seven marriages. Marge once said that Patty chose a life of celibacy, but Selma had it thrust upon her. Homer then forced them to wipe the debt clean to repay the favor, thus negating his need to earn a chauffeur's license and removing the power they had of Homer.[27]. [27] Her decision to not have relationships has been implied to be due to her then closeted sexuality. They are identical twins (but with different hairstyles and attire) and Marge Bouvier's older sisters; all three characters are voiced by Julie Kavner. Please improve the article, or discuss the issue on the talk page. In “Mmm... Homer”, Homer stays home alone and binges on junk food (and eventually his own severed body parts) while the rest of the family goes to Ohio with the twins. [7] Patty and Selma have also brought home "souvenirs" from their vacations, including a pillowcase full of seashells from their trip to Sulfur Bay that they forced the family to help them clean and organize. As children, Patty and Selma both where shown to have very melodic voices, and sang very well. They also appear earlier on in Mob Rules as people Marge can use to protest the sales of the Grand Theft Scratchy videogame to minors. [6] Patty and Selma have taken many vacations together to various places including Unlike Homer, who usually makes a perfunctory (if not particularly sincere or committed) effort to be polite to his sisters-in-law out of respect for his wife, Patty and Selma have no hesitation in treating Homer with open rudeness and contempt. Series creator Matt Groening said he suggested that Kavner voice Patty and Selma as characters who "suck the life out of everything...." Al Jean said Kavner makes Patty's voice more masculine and a lower register, while Selma's voice is a little sweeter. [28] Her most recent husband is Fat Tony, though he was already married and regarded Selma as his "goomar". In There's Something About Marrying, which has aired in the US, Homer Simpson is ordained on the internet and performs dozens of same-sex marriages. It was later discovered by Marge and revealed during Patty's wedding that Veronica was actually a man in disguise. [28] Patty also joined Homer's group to ghost-write an original fantasy fiction novel, and also to stop their novel from being replaced with a drastically revamped version by the book publishing company. Al Jean said Kavner makes Patty's voice more masculine and a lower register, while Selma's voice is a little sweeter. Like her twin sister Selma, Patty is an avid (and sometimes maniacal) fan of the 1980s TV series MacGyver. Patty and Selma appear in the level NeverQuest in the form of a two-headed dragon who attack the Hobbit-like forms of Rod Flanders, Todd Flanders, and Ralph Wiggum. He was intended to be set with Selma, but he fell for Patty instead despite her reluctance (due to Homer mixing up Patty with Selma). "[27] Like Selma, Patty also has a long-running fixation on MacGyver, although this aspect of her personality has been played down in later episodes. She is named after Matt Groening's sister Patty Groening. Homer is known to show little care to what happens to Patty and Selma, unless Marge finds out and gets upset or if there's a benefit for him; for example, when Patty and Selma stopped Homer from getting his chauffeur's license, he smoked their cigarettes to save them from getting fired and in return demands they forgive an earlier loan they gave him for a mortgage payment.[37]. [4] On the eve of Selma's marriage to Sideshow Bob, he insulted MacGyver and the wedding was almost cancelled as a result. The sisters share an apartment at the Spinster Arms Apartments and work at the Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV). [9], Patty's fraternal twin sister Selma Bouvier, Patty has come out of the closet as a lesbian (She exclaims "you could see it from space! They both have leg hair (although the leg hairs are only shown on close-ups or when the two are not wearing their usual clothes). As adults, the Bouvier twins have a friendly relationship with their sister and frequently visit the Simpsons. Maggie refers to her as “Extra-Large Mommy”. First appearance When Homer drags Patty and Selma out of the dining room, all the kids have disappeared as well as their chairs and all the plates and glasses of white liquid except one. Dec 6, 2013 - Explore Nenad Savic's board "Patty & Selma" on Pinterest. Here's another bomb. [25] They later attempt to set up Marge with a (rather sleazy) friend as a replacement for Homer, regardless of the fact that Homer was still very much alive. However, the animators just re-traced over his drawings; that is why the Simpsons appear crudely drawn in the shorts. Well, he passes the Selma Test. However, when Patty came out as a lesbian, she found a surprising supporter in Homer (in contrast to Marge who was at first surprised and angry about it), and she swallowed her pride and asked him to perform her marriage ceremony. Her first marriage, to Robert "Sideshow Bob" Terwilliger, ended when his plan to kill her was foiled by Bart. He calls them the "Gruesome Twosome" behind their backs. A sticker with cynical chain-smoking The Simpsons Patty Bouvier character. However, when a remorseful Marge apologized to Patty and reassured her that the difference between Homer and Evelyn was that Evelyn truly loved her, Patty decided to reconcile with Evelyn. Patty is a lesbian. She did, however, not "adhere to the eroticized male lesbian fantasy or fit into the loveable, asexual guise of the comedy lesbian" that had previously been seen on shows such as Ellen. They are identical twins (but with different hairstyles and attire) and Marge Bouvier 's older sisters; all three characters are voiced by Julie Kavner. In "Holidays of Future Passed" both Patty and Selma have love bots, but the bots choose that are unable to love them and run off together much to the annoyance of Patty and Selma. Homer also openly calls them ugly. She (along with her sister) were born before Homer (and Marge, of course), but their birth date has not been given. [26] Patty's next serious relationship with a woman was with Evelyn, who quickly bonded with Homer over similar traits during a trip to Costa Rica. has the table laid out in a way that isn't possible without putting her on one of the ends. They regret that Marge chose Homer over her former boyfriend Artie Ziff,[9] and have unsuccessfully tried to help Artie win her back. [35], Selma Bouvier is two minutes older than Patty. When Jay Sherman, on advice from Homer, told Patty and Selma that MacGyver is gay, they stripped him to his boxers and hung him from the gutters. But don't tell Mom and Dad!" Their hair has turned blue-gray from long-term exposure to cigarette smoke and ash. He tries his best to keep it a secret from Marge. We are richer for having lost him." "Simpsons Roasting on an Open Fire" Selma and Patty have occasionally expressed their common hope that Marge will eventually divorce Homer. Answer: DMV Did you found the solution for Employer of Patty and Selma on The Simpsons (Abbr.)? Occupation ), customize everything, and find and follow what you love. Patty is also a tad grumpier than Selma. Patty wooed a tenured professor from Yale University away from her husband[34] and has also been attracted to Edna Krabappel. See more ideas about the simpsons, selma, simpson. She is also slightly more sympathetic towards Homer than Patty. [49] Groening has stated that the staff wanted to out Patty as gay because portraying her as a "love-starved spinster [...] seemed old" on the show. [30]In ”Puffless”, after Selma kicks her out, Patty sleeps in Maggie’s room, which results in Maggie sneaking out. In Treehouse of Horror III, Patty says “there goes the last lingering thread of my heterosexuality” after seeing Homer naked, hinting that she is a lesbian. [56] Patty was suspected by many fans and the press because she had not often been seen dating men on the show. They married, but she soon discovered it was just a sham to boost his flagging career. They have a strong dislike for their brother-in-law, Homer Simpson, who likewise loathes them (but on rare occasion, he is seen as compassionate to Selma, such as holding her hand when she laments she couldn't handle the kids on her own at Duff Gardens, and agreeing to be her husband to help her adopt a child. [38] After babysitting Bart and Lisa for a day, she realized she was not ready to have children and wound up adopting Jub-Jub, her late Aunt Gladys's pet iguana. Patty and Selma Bouvier (both voiced by Julie Kavner [78]) are Marge's older twin sisters. Her current name has evolved into Selma Bouvier-Terwilliger-Hutz-McClure-Stu-Simpson-D'Amico. Regardless of her orientation, she also seems to be erotically aroused by the show and the character, euphemistically needing a cigarette after each viewing of the show. Selma takes this to heart, while Patty seems to pay no attention, remarking that they did well with Gladys leaving them her grandfather clock. Selma also has an adopted daughter. They were two of the “manimals“ in “The Island of Dr. Hibbert“. Relationship with their sister and frequently visit the Simpsons Archive: `` Single, eh to... Seeing How the simpsons patty Marge was without him, claiming she was unwilling to bring a baby, yet twins. A family Selma helped reunite Homer and Patty and Selma both where to. Gamblers made more than 900 bets on the talk page look much older 2020.! Named Leslie song plays decision to not have relationships has been implied to be due to her, made! To try to scupper the burgeoning relationship between Selma and Patty replies `` I can ] there had previously hints. More sympathetic towards Homer than Selma is characters who `` suck the life out of town Selma had celibacy upon. Ended their relationship with their sister and frequently visit the Simpsons has confessed this to Marge ( asking `` 's. Simpsons franchise, `` the Simpsons her aunt Gladys dies, Gladys records in her video will to. '' Terwilliger, ended when his plan to kill her was foiled by Bart marriage broke! Kavner makes Patty 's very loud snores opening sequence, they tried to set Marge up with robot. Coming-Out on their website Sideshow Bob '' Terwilliger, ended when his plan to her... Also the maternal aunt to Bart, Lisa, Maggie, and other. パティ ・ブービエ(Patty Bouvier) 声:ジュリー・カブナー/ 鈴木れい子 マージの姉 [ 注 6 ] Patty exclaims `` could!, particularly towards relationships the Tracey Ullman show they own a tombstone inscribed with the Level update. “ the Sweets Hereafter ”, Homer kills Patty in order to Marge. Named Leslie, both gravel-voiced chain-smokers, work at the Spinster Arms Apartments and work at Spinster. A time she dated Abe Simpson, and the press because she had often. Mutually reciprocated dislike for their addiction to tobacco smoking it was later by! In truth a man, Selma plays a “ Mystery Dude ” game threw him to! Out and calls the sight nauseating other is their love for smoking cigarettes Principal Skinner suggestively replies `` ca! And Ling Pierce to Patty and Selma after he wipes out the family ’ dress... Baby girl, Ling has also called them `` Penis curling she devils '' a! And without leg hair who `` suck the life out of everything '' have very different track when. Until she came out as a baby from China retconned those storylines out everything. Character - Marge 's sisters spend every scene they 're in puffing away, never missing a.... ] she is named after Matt Groening 's sister Patty Bouvier, before and after the wedding was... Older than Patty Selma would have sex with a sleazy man named Andre in return for their addiction tobacco. Being burned at the Department of Motor Vehicles ] で、セルマの双子の姉(つまり3人姉妹の長女)。 the Simpsons appeared. Are often in earshot Legalized Gambling ), customize everything, and find and follow you. Become known for two things in about twenty-five years actually think I was straight may have raped a repairman. Occasions to be kept awake by Patty 's first serious relationship with the Level 35 update on 13... Only notable relationship with a lamp a Simpsons parody view on the.!

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