2. Reign (2013 – 2017) TV shows like Game of Thrones are known for their historical theme and one such show to be included in this list is Reign. 198 Like. :) I really want TV shows that I can watch for a while. Reign is a highly fictionalized American historical romantic drama television series following the early exploits of Mary, Queen of Scots. 33 Dislike. fan recommends Scorpion; TV Show (50 eps) | 2013 | Trailer. And if you have already watched the series, fret not, as we have a bunch of other similar shows to keep you engaged. Check Out These 8 Shows With Badass Royal Women . in this delicious four-season series. The CW Announces Season Finale Dates for All Your Favorite Shows Find out when Supergirl, The 100 and more sign off for the season Thu, Apr 20, 2017 Pinterest. The series is based on King Henry VIII and his reign over England. When it debuted on Showtime, it was the network’s highest-rated show in three years. 7 years ago. If you're at a loss after finishing the season, you'll be glad to hear that there are plenty of other shows like The Rain you can stream and fill the Scandi-sized hole in your life. 0 0. Divergent Pretty much anything to do with romance, or if its just a really good show. If you loved the thrilling battles, effects, and plots of Merlin, you’d want to watch similar shows. Here are five other shows like The Tudors, for your consideration. If shows like Vikings is what you are looking for, The Last Kingdom is the most obvious choice. Here are some of the best shows like Merlin. The show is as full of drama and romance as you could … Check out these popular television shows like Reign to watch that make you feel like you're part of the royal family… and part of the secrets! fan recommends Bates Motel; TV Show (37 eps) | 2014 | Trailer. Created by Laurie McCarthy, Stephanie Sengupta. 0 0. utsav. The show later follows her rise to the throne and her reign as queen of France and Scotland. TV Shows Similar to Merlin. However, to give you an example of how bad a .2 rating is, a lower-rated (but nonetheless critically acclaimed) show like Jane The Virgin is still doing a .4 rating. Vampire Diaries 2. Article by MyTeenGuide. Reign. Although Merlin is not as intense as Game of Thrones, it’s still one of the best TV shows that you should watch. This historical fiction series is set in 1500s England and focuses on the reign of King Henry VIII. Log in. Starz. game of thrones. Snakes in the Garden 42m. Shows that depict the lives of royals in the 15th, 16th, and 17th centuries also take a fair share of creative liberties, but in this case, we don't really care. The Secret Circle 3. Check out 5 must-watch TV shows like The Tudors to binge on. Teenage Mary Stuart travels to France to meet her fiancé, Prince Francis, although his mother, Queen Catherine, wants to prevent their marriage. With Adelaide Kane, Megan Follows, Celina Sinden, Torrance Coombs. Relevance. 0 Save. Trending Questions. The Hunger Games 3. As the name suggests, this show is set on the sea, following the stories of Captain Flint (the most feared pirate in New Providence Island) and his crew in a time where pirates in the Caribbean were very much a thing! Ask Question + 100. … And loves shall be forbidden. Find movies and TV shows Similar to Reign. Am. The Crown (2016- present) If not this, then what! 15 Save. After befriending a mysterious horse during a summer in the English countryside, 15-year-old Zoe finds the strength to deal with issues she faces. Add to a new list. Reign; Similar Shows; Top Recommendations; If you like Reign, be sure to check out these other user recommended shows that are similar to Reign. MirandaS. 5 Meh. In many ways, it can be said to be a retelling of the show from a different perspective. 4 / 5. I really like the new show reign on cwtv! While Outlander is undeniably unique, there are some similar shows that can hold us over until season 6—or the series' ninth book, set to come out in 2020. Here are the Best Shows Like The Last Kingdom: Black Sails; Click here to watch trailer of Black Sails. On Harlots, strong-willed women like Bridgerton’s Siena (Anthony’s secret girlfriend) reign supreme, so tune into this highly underrated Hulu Original if you’re looking for more. 6 Dislike. From series to films, and to novels, they are everywhere. 68 Like. I. (Sorry I just had to add that) :) Some other shows that I like are: 1. For the longest reign. The Tudors takes viewers back to 16th-century England. Read More: Shows Like ‘Archer’ 1. Vampires have always been popular in entertainment. 24 Meh. Obsessed. The Last Kingdom too talks about Ragnar and Alfred the Great, two … The Crown, a Netflix series following the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, never fails to deliver on the drama. 45. If the above words entice you, excite you then ‘Reign’ is the show for you. the tudors. You pull for the heroes despite knowing that there is no chance they’re coming out unscathed. Get your answers by asking now. TV shows like 'Reign'? Release year: 2013. 16 Shows Like The Crown for Your Royal Viewing Pleasure *curtsies and bows head* By DeAnna Janes. I have seen a lot of shows, but im stuck on what to watch! The show depicts Julius Caesar's reign as dictator and his betrayal by Marc Anthony, culminating in the latter's political and romantic affair with Cleopatra. More. The series, created by Stephanie SenGupta and Laurie McCarthy, premiered on October 17, 2013, on The CW, and concluded after four seasons on June 16, 2017. Mary Queen Of Scots Reign Mary Queen Mary Adelaide Kane Shows Like Reign Reign Tv Show Best Series Best Tv Shows Favorite Tv Shows. This is because the two shows are set almost in the same time frame and depict life in the medieval English kingdom of Western Sussex. You might also like similar TV shows to Free Rein, like Greenhouse Academy... 198. Spartacus. love this show! fan recommends Finding Carter; TV Show (48 eps) | 2011 | Trailer. By switching casts every two seasons, The Crown is able to show the Windsor family's evolution. Swords shall clink. May 17, 2020 by Grayson Gilcrease. the white queen. The blood shall flow. Stream or download now on FandangoNOW. Covering the reign of Queen Elizabeth II, this show is lauded for its historical accuracy, acting, storytelling, writing, music, and almost everything else. Harry Potter movies (given) 2. 2 Answers. Today. It doesn’t happen very often, but every season of this show feels like a 10-hour-long action movie instead of a TV show. downton abbey. 15 TV Shows Like Dexter. More information... People also love these ideas. Favorite Answer. Heads shall be slain. The Masterpiece PBS series about the British monarch's early reign is worth a watch for Hudson's performance, ... 10 TV Shows Like Ozark; The Best TV Shows of 2018; The Best New Shows … TV shows like. Explore. Shows to watch is you loved Netflix's Bridgerton. Some, like the pirate drama Black Sails and HBO's four-part Catherine the Great, give alternate perspectives on life in the 18th century. Created by Vicki Lutas, Anna McCleery. Reign also features a romantic story too highlighting monarchy period and features everything related to that time of politics and extravagant life. From the American period drama Reign to the critically-acclaimed Wolf Hall, here are six shows that are worth your time. TV Show (74 eps) | 2014 | Trailer. I love the time century, and everything, I love science fiction, fantasy etc. 7 years ago. Add to list See details. Mary, Queen of Scots, faces political and … When the teenage Mary, Queen of Scots, is sent to France to wed the future king, she struggles to avoid political intrigues, scandal and heartbreak. Add to a new list. Lv 7. Join . 90. 1. It’s filled with realism, and to some extent, pessimism. Given the popularity of this sub-genre, it’s not surprising to see the success of shows like The Originals and The Vampire Diaries go through the roof.. Or, if you just want more blood, sex, and fancy costumes, revisit the reign of Henry VIII and his six wives (hi, Natalie Dormer!) Here are the Best Shows Like Outlander: 1. While we wait for Season 2 of Bridgerton, here are 8 period dramas you can watch instead, on Britbox, Netflix. The Originals started as a spin-off of The Vampire Diaries but quickly transformed into something special. With Freddy Carter, Jaylen Barron, Manpreet Bambra, Celine Buckens. Teen Wolf And movies: 1. Answer Save. Reign; 8 Shows to Watch If You Like Hulu's The Great Excited About Hulu's The Great? Nov 9, 2020 Starz. I love Reign and most of all, Bash! Reign. Still have questions? But I won’t blame you if you can’t wait for the next season. Trending Questions. British drama television series created and written by Vicki Lutas and Anna McCleery. Dexter is a crime, drama and mystery television series that aired on Showtime for 8 seasons, from October 1, 2006 to September 22, 2013. It … 6 Reign (2013) Reign might have dozens of historic inaccuracies, but if you're in it for pure entertainment value, then you'll definitely get your money's worth. Reign. Check them out below. All in the hunt for the ultimate power. Pilot 43m. Greenhouse Academy 2017 TV Show • 3.4/5. One of the best shows out there, ‘The Crown’ is also one of the most popular ones. Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. the borgias. 7 Shows Like Vikings That You Should Watch if You Like Vikings One of TV's most surprising hits is Vikings , History Channel's historical drama about the … Each of these period pieces shares pop culture DNA with Outlander. Revolving around the Queen of Scots Mary, Reign, created by Stephanie SenGupta and Laurie McCarthy, takes a great amount of cinematic liberty.

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