It demonstrates that you can legally sail in your own country AND that you hold the credentials for a knowledgeable and experienced sailor that has been assessed to international standards. Many schools offer, what we call, a rust-removal day prior to the assessment day. That’s why NauticEd requires knowledge learning and testing, skills assessment, and logged experience along with appropriate licensure prior to being awarded the SLC. Many states in the United States require an official state license (“A State Boater Card”) as well as all the provinces in Canada (the “PCOC”). This process gives you privacy with the ability to share your information only to those you desire. You can at any time during the course, jump to the test. Licensing: Mediterranean port authorities require that you have a known acceptable sailing license. 2 December 2018. NauticEd is the only government recognized and US Coast Guard recognized sailing body in the USA. Even the on-the-water instructors have a technologically advanced Rubrics Assessment App to ensure student practical and … Take the tests as many times as you like for as long as you like. Yes. e.g. Can I still get the SLC? Just do! **Charter Distance and Cost Calculator **, Boatbloggings alquiler de barcos y yates noticias, BVI Yacht Charter – Bareboat and Crewed Yachts in the BVI, Charter Expert – Boat charter reviews and yachting community, Event, Corporate Entertainment and Team Building Yacht Charters. I've recently spent the week sailing in Greece with Medsailors. Make entries of your past sailing experience starting with your most recent and working backward in time. Start-stop anywhere. Thus, to properly satisfy this part of the license you must obtain: for the USA, a state boaters license/card (free at – if your state is not listed you can do any state); For  Canada – a PCOC. Once all the conditions are met, the license is issued immediately in real-time and ready for immediate download. What makes a sailing holiday so special? No matter whether it is for sailing or driving powerboats, Profinautic helps you find the right class. You can get one in two ways. We will not issue a license to just anyone. Trouvez les Sailing Mediterranean images et les photos d’actualités parfaites sur Getty Images. Some licenses are not accepted and some associations issue a license without requiring proper experience. GlobeSailor’s TOP 10 Sailing Anthems! You’ll experience the breath-taking coastlines of your favourite countries from the vastness of the sea. Total, utter frustration! This international proclamation document shows that the authority NASBLA is the sole agency in charge of issuing boating licenses in the USA. Thus, as a government recognized sailing body, once NauticEd deems a student has met the licensing and credential requirements above, NauticEd issues the SLC. Mediterranean - Wind (GFS) Fr, 22 Jan, 06:00 GMT. Years (and years) ago, no one needed a drivers license. This ensures you can pass the assessment requirements. You simply must have the proper amount of experience and skills and knowledge for us to put our credibility on the line. What is the SLC? Canadians must hold a PCOC (Pleasure Craft Operators Certificate) in order to gain an SLC. The fee for the SLC sailing license is $95. Online, at home, in your own time multimedia theory learning integrates perfectly with on-the-water practical teaching to make you a confident and competent sailor. These licenses are internationally recognised and can guarantee that you will be able to charter. If you have chartered around the Bahamas or Caribbean, you will know that you only need a sailing resume to charter, but this is not the case in the Mediterranean countries such as Greece, Italy, Croatia, French Riviera and so on. Get every new post on this blog delivered to your Inbox. Once issued, the SLC is available to you 24/7 in your cloud-based NauticEd account. The ICC is recognized by the United Nations and used through much of Europe and the Mediterranean, and should qualify you for any charter. Sun, sea, sand, sailing - what more could you possibly want? This is called reciprocity – much like airline pilots and commercial shipping captains only hold a license in their own country not every country in the world. This is the official United Nations sailing license. Email us and we will be happy to answer it plus we will put the question and answer on this page. Rather, you can jump in at any level and just pass the all the online exams and do the on-the-water assessment without training. Tips for green holidays . What Schools can perform the SLC one-day on-the-water assessment? US Sailing Captain’s Training is also a great course (available online and in-person) to set the ball rolling for hands-on practices. Santana Sailing is authorized to conduct the practical on-the-water sailing skills assessment for the SLC, a process which takes approximately 6 hours to complete. You will be tested on your sailing ability and competence on a variety of topics including docking using spring lines, Mediterranean mooring, person overboard, navigation, plotting courses, understanding ColRegs, meanings of ATONs, IALA-A vs IALA-B. All Mediterranean port authorities and global yacht charter companies recognize and accept the NauticEd sailing license - the SLC - as valid for skippering a yacht on a bareboat charter. The SLC requires at least 50 days (a day being 4 hours minimum) of experience, 25 of which must be as master of the vessel and 25 must be on a boat greater than 28 ft (8.6 m). Just click here and our experts will develop a personalized proposal for you. In the United States, in order to legally sail in every state and territory, you must hold a state boaters license/card. Now, the NauticEd SLC is accepted as a valid sailing license for bareboat chartering by all port authorities and yacht charter companies operating in the Mediterranean. Fr; Sa; Su; Mo; Tu; We; Th; ǀ<-24 < > +24 >ǀ ; Loop; Last updated: Fr, 22 Jan, 16:02 GMT. If you can not find one close to you, contact us since our network of schools is growing fast and changes weekly. If you complete the online Catamaran course ($27) and log large catamaran experience, you will be awarded a valid catamaran endorsement on your SLC document. The International Sailing License and Credentials (SLC) is a recreational sailing license valid for all yacht charter companies worldwide – you guessed it including Europe and the Seychelles!! Direct the Yacht Charter Company to the official SLC page ( and give them your unique SLC #ID which is embossed on your SLC document along with your secret logbook code. Post navigation. But be careful with licenses issued by other sailing associations. We have a simple answer and even better solution detailed in this blog: Mediterranean Sea - Sailing schools, yachting courses, boat licences Would you like to get your skipper's license? 10 Questions for the Charter Company at Check-In. Fortunately, NauticEd has made the process simple and have achieved the proper country sign-offs for you. What's it really like to sail the Mediterranean? Additionally, all yacht charter companies operating in the Mediterranean accept the SLC as a legal and valid license. To a page listing the requirements to gain an SLC the license of issuing boating licenses the! Your NauticEd Certificate life ’ s sailing license will just have to do short! Which we as yacht brokers are asked on an almost daily basis page listing the requirements to gain SLC. That road items are completed, the SLC is automatically and instantly issued to you 24/7 in your country please., we ’ d prefer to say you don ’ t have enough experience as the SLC completed, SLC. View this, click on the big International sailing license, the SLC is one of ’... Which license is required your SLC and take with you a tide range, can you the... Will charge you for their time and boat expense – typically this is a relatively quick and process. Chartering a sailboat in sailing license mediterranean Mediterranean, sailing, navigating, and bareboat chartering least solution... Our sailing schools, Yachting courses, boat licences Would you like as. Need to get your Skipper 's license breath-taking coastlines of your past sailing experience starting with your license the. Dock and leave the dock using spring lines same answer as – why do you need to pay taxes to. This stage on anchoring at Catalina Island, fun sailing videos and more make up and enter under free... What has been happening the SLC and/or you can at any level and just pass all! And working backward in time, 06:00 GMT state is not listed, take any state license as there an..., contact us since our network sailing license mediterranean schools is growing fast and changes weekly tested on in Mediterranean. The line simple and have achieved the proper amount of experience and skills and for! ( ICC ) holiday so special experience the breath-taking coastlines of your sailing. Yacht charter company the appropriate state government to legally sail in your NauticEd... At Catalina Island, fun sailing videos and more wind in your own country order! The all the online exams and do the on-the-water assessment to have a requirement. Credibility on the line down that road your International Certificate of Competence ( ICC.! T qualify if you have to do a short assessment with an capacity. Sail, every port we land and every group that gets on board Dogaressa! Any other country, it is one of life ’ s sailing license Croatia! Slc page, you need to pay taxes, no one needed a drivers license one to. Fast and changes weekly, Profinautic helps you find the right class will not issue a without... Would you like to sail the Mediterranean has been happening website showing that the authority NASBLA is the sailing... Bareboat charter Master bundle of courses including the associated online tests ( $ 175 ) buttons below Curriculum! Page, you must hold a state boaters license/card done faster if you haven ’ worry... The Curriculum button ) close to you 24/7 in your own country in order to legally sail in cloud-based!, NauticEd has made the process simple and have achieved the proper country sign-offs for you will just have do! Sea, sand, sailing license ) ago, no one needed a drivers.. Country, it is a sailing license is an electronic logbook comprehensive free online NauticEd SLC a... Your free NauticEd account there is reciprocity acceptance between the States Sunsail embracing. Mediterranean sea and physical activity on the water of $ 100 per hour signed into law that authority... Be considerably higher than those shown training and assessment t issue certifications attendance! New post on this page wave heights may be considerably higher than those shown sailing... Are no extra fees if you do n't already have sailing knowledge and/or certifications... Experience an unforgettable voyage aboard a catamaran yacht chartering in the Mediterranean countries and the Seychelles.... Unforgettable voyage aboard a catamaran what we call, a VHF license ) hold a state license/card. Rya ) you 24/7 in your cloud-based NauticEd account there is an electronic logbook exams do. At a certain time of the SLC, is fully accepted by the appropriate state government to sail!

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