So the killer can be jun or either his mom . He deserves to be praised . the only turn down for this drama is most of cast can't act. klover Aug 16 2019 12:50 am han taera's death is the most pitiful after jung soo ah because she died by her lover's hands. © Spoilers, I guess jun is the real villain of this series. I really enjoyed watching this. Original Soundtrack: Class of Lies OST. The actress who play Ms. Ha (the teacher) feels... very inadequate. Cast. I really like the song that plays, can someone help please. Danvers Feb 15 2020 10:16 pm the story become crazy more & more, almost out of realism. Jun maybe if i don’t know you i will really hate u in this...coz im thinking ur the my heart cant take it..but my mind say so? In ep.14, I don't like how Kim Han-Soo behave toward Mr.Gi. Amrn4 Aug 16 2019 1:08 pm Lilo So Apr 15 2020 1:08 pm With Camille Ramsey, Tatsumi Romano, Frank Cappello, Lukas Gage. ? becouse in real life the kid is shaped in the way he got educated. This FAQ is empty. The young actors and actresses acted out their roles with credibility.Kudos to the writers, cast, and crew! This drama is really good, but I'm considering to stop watching bc of Keum Sae-Rok her role is such a no, no. Miss Ha, she is very contradictive as a person (character). Asari Ayana Jul 28 2019 8:52 pm The young actors and actresses acted out their roles with credibility.Kudos to the writers, cast, and crew! tehila Aug 24 2019 12:19 pm A series of violent videos from an unknown user named 'monkeyman' target a group of high school students whose pasts are connected. Class of Lies I am so annoyed with Beom Jin !! Just one word : BEOMJIN ? I understand using the same houses and locations yaya Aug 16 2019 10:57 pm So..what happen with beomjin? Covering up his father diry work ... is he a psycho ?! Raziel Aug 17 2019 12:19 am I hope there is season 2 so they can explain more about it (also maybe justice for taera's death). A thrilling reconstruction in so-called Rashomon style, with several eyewitnesses offering their own perspectives on a single tragic event. Does thriller genre always end on that note? I really want to say - if nobody belive in those young students, no wonder thay act this way. but i kinda get annoyed with that female teacher sohyun *her acting is great but i dont like her characteristic in this drama* She's making the deal hard on Mr.Gi like sometime not showing a FULL cooperation with Mr Gi and gets too emotional when Mr Gi is suspicious of her students?anyway it is highly recommended drama and best overall!! Yuy Aug 30 2019 8:21 pm I never noticed him on My Strange Hero lol. Btw drama is so amazing. I guess no one remember there this one student who secretly and listen to yu Beom Jin and gi mu hyeok on the first episode? I am certain that justice will be delivered before the end of the drama, but I would've lost all my faith in humanity by then (and I don't have much faith to begin with). he did too much and he had to pay for it somehow and this was the only possible way? excited to watch this because of the reviews that i've read. //]]>, //. And that is the big question to the viewers. he didn't once hurt anyone and just went all the way to find the Truth about the murder. I don't know.. Just too upset watched that scene.. Class of Lies. Simglo Sep 05 2019 8:28 pm . Both of them are wonderful that not get me in the nerve. Class Crush. Philippine k-fanatic Aug 04 2019 2:11 am Want to share IMDb's rating on your own site? Well many people thought SKY Castle is crazy intense but I personally think that Class Of Lies is even crazier. Jun i hope this drama would make u a breakthrough artist in korea! (correcr me if im wrong? This thriller and law related drama is highly recommended to you guys. Lee Soon Won was on point! But then, I more dislike how Ms.Ha respond to how annoying Kim Han-Soo was. The story line looks so interesting, Bunnyarmy Apr 22 2019 7:33 pm Ainaraa Aug 09 2019 7:04 pm It is really great and give me some thrill when I watch it. Creamygs Aug 20 2019 10:20 am I hope their ratings will stay good or even better for their final 2 episodes, the drama crew and casts deserve it as they have done a great job. m0chii Sep 28 2019 1:44 am So, i think 3.5/3.9 is quite well for a late night drama. I am so invested in this drama. and can i just give a shoutout to my precious lee kihoon :( he's so adorable. Just hope there are no school like this in a real life.. reiji Jul 25 2019 12:12 pm Main Cast. Things are exaggerated for the sake of drama even if they have some basis in reality. W4GRB.average_rating[1]=88; The first episode already so exciting.. so curious for the next episodes. Genre : Drama, Investigation, Law, Mystery, School, Suspense, Youth. Geum Sae-Rokas Ha So-hyun, a P.E. Especially, if it was Kim Han Soo (makes the most sense), because then it makes all of Attorney Ki's and Ha So Hyun's efforts to get him acquitted worthless. Class of Lies Episodes: 16. Other actresses and actors are amazing. Detail KDrama Class of Lies : Judul : Class of Lies Judul Lainnya : Mr. For everyone who is asking what happened to Beom Jin or why they didn't show what happen to him after he collapsed , it is obvious that he died because a mysterious guy injected a syringe on his neck. As fans of Japanese drama and anime, I would like to conclude which is the drama is like the combination of Gakkou no Kaidan and Mr. Hiiragi's Homeroom. Did you know he learned law and presented to be left handed just for Beomjin character? Every other single one of them. Such a pain the ass!! Ryu Samuël Apr 20 2019 3:55 am Maicon Sep 07 2019 10:39 pm i hope beom-jin will get killed or will commit suicide. but about the implication to women girls and to children that watch this it's wrong. today, after watching EP 11 i feel sick a little. I am really disappointed wd the ratings actually ....I think it will become the 2nd best school series as sky castle is the 1st's only 3 ep & it's so good I'm loving it ....we r gonna get one of the best school series. But is South Korean people really like this? So there is so many ex idol grup in this drama. She doesn't close with the students and she don't know anything but always act like she know everything. Complete. Kiella Jul 23 2019 1:30 pm Tentang. Evan Dee Sep 05 2019 11:59 pm And we can see, the viewers increase episode by episode. Aaah isn’t it fun when everything goes wrong for the bad guys? She's acting all caring and kind.. but stupid. Kim Myung Ji Fighting!!!! They detonate three horrific car-bombs at Western compounds in ... See full summary ». aizie Aug 24 2019 9:14 am YGS is on of my favorite actors! its allllll the same. Mrs Sep 06 2019 2:12 am He seem nice like he care but the end of ep 6 and ep7 preview got me thinking he’s the ringleader or maybe his dad was sleeping with so ah? laxyn Sep 02 2020 12:54 am after watching class of lies a long time i started to watch chip in, when i look at "hae joon" he looks so familiar. Lee Soon Woon ahjussi is so hilarious. Regardless of whether Ki Moo-Hyeok says anything or not he's not the only witness to prove Na Ye-Ri is an active bully. It has similar theme with SKY Castle but the difference is that this drama is a thriller drama (understandable since it is an OCN drama, the best Korean cable channel for this type of genre). She was also super late to realize that the school has been full of bully. Bbibbi Apr 18 2019 12:37 am Ohmygod geum sae rok woohoooooo, and jun...... always fighting for youuu. I really like the story line, so much plot twist that it's really exciting to see what's more in the next episodes. jan Jul 22 2020 4:05 am I think Beom jin is psikopat, the killer, Bxbx Aug 14 2019 8:26 pm Because Yoo Beom-Jin did say he'd help Son Joon-Jae come back to school. I'll watch it. The young casts are so good in acting especially Yoo Beom Jin. every episode is full of twists and you keep wondering who the murderer is... beomjin's character is so Annoying and manipulative i'm so glad he went down in the end (Literally!). Ha So-Hyun is sooo annoying! First ep were kinda slow but it get really good, trust me you will get mad at the students and want them exposed...i wonder what kind of person the class president is. Most probably I think byung ho is the killer as I just get some dark vibes from him . The satisfaction is real! Lee Byung Hun Ahn Byung Ho / "Bundle" / "Porter" Support Role See more ideas about Korean drama, Drama, Kdrama. A female student of an elite high school, Jeong Suh Ah gets stabbed in her residence and her classmate, Kim Han Su is framed for attempted murder. I love the story & the suspense. Personally, I don't really want to know who killed Yoo Beom jin. Class of Lies (Korean Drama); 미스터 기간제; Mr. Very suspenseful drama! You guys are watching too many dramas lmao, Umme habiba Jul 25 2019 9:49 am Conditioned to thread on serious note even with its young cast, Class of Lies heads to present reality biting pictures of abuse of power. I really like this drama. The story is good but it's somehow predictable, it doesn't have the feeling of wanting more. Xristine Marticio Aug 09 2019 8:46 pm I m waiting to watch this drama for kyungsan Oppa my favorite actor of all time,I love all of his roles he is very talented & handsome this role seems very suitable for him too.Oppa fighting❤️. Okay so drama is so nice. The only thing that spoils my mood in this drama is Keum Sae Reuk. When the bully gets bullied! Title : Class of Lies. But still excited with this drama and can't wait to see the last episodes. W4GRB.average_rating=new Array(); I think yoo beom jin is d killer.maybe he learn dat .# 0 is his father... its look like he hate his father every episode is very exciting... waterlight25 Aug 09 2019 7:36 am Who else could it be? I fast forwarded a lot of scenes and watched all his part only. It's one hell of a great masterpiece from OCN. Hooked now on this...every week i hav new culprit hahaha! to be honest i was very annoyed with kim han su. Use the HTML below. kdrama enthusiast Sep 08 2020 8:52 pm Finally I Can See You Again after webdrama mood maker! However I was wondering if someone could help name a song that plays in the drama. Fixed Term / Mister Temporary / Mr. The girls' sanity and psyches dissolve as they run out of food and water. (2018– ). W4GRB.query_url[1]="/index.php?title=Special:W4GRB\x26bid=1\x26pid="[1]+"\x26stamp="+new Date().getTime(); This is one of those dramas where you hate everyone for something. This drama is suspense. Totally unpredictable,this drama is sooooo underrated,this drama deserve a higher rating *thumbs up*.i love the plot despite from the annoyance i feel when Ha So Hyun give me a mental breakdown,(am not kidding,i am dead serious)she such a headache to Mr Gi and this drama watchers (i guess) anyway,DO watch this drama. Polar 2199 Aug 30 2019 7:09 am Since OCN never disappoints I will watch it for sure ! That Park Bo Gum scene... ? Ryu Kyung Soo Support Role. Overall: Class of Lies is a Korean Drama (2019). I feel like she's acting :(. But the story is disgusting and well the story is disheartening. I thing the title this drama should be school 2019 the story so interesting hehehe, garima Jul 30 2019 9:49 am LuLu Aug 24 2019 12:58 am Darya Sep 07 2019 9:57 am } Can't wait to watch my oppa, YKS ♡♡ Production Credits Production Companies: Studio Dragon, JS Pictures Director: Sung Yong Il (성용일) Screenwriter: Jang Hong Chul (장홍철) Daftar Pemain Drama Class of Lies. Yuni Saraswati Jun 23 2019 6:08 am His acting has always been top-notch that it amazes me how he doesn't win a single acting award for his acting skills. Arif Se. When Mu Hyeok asks Kim Han Su to admit to the crime in order to shorten the length of the sentence, he refuses to do so and claims that he is the victim’s boyfriend. They should include a suggestion on what to do after watching this drama. ", ~ This enhance my ability to be more observant as a human in the battle field of all creations. ugh i just love him so much :( i just hope he gets more roles in future dramas soon. I like mr.temp but the thing is , if he wants to sneak into the students things, do it well. Funny scenes makes the story a little bit lighter. Even though Ki Hoon is a jerk, it seem that he cared for soo ah and also want to know who killed her and why....hopefully he become a good person and help lawyer ki....i think beom jin killed soo ah because she wouldn’t transfer and maybe because she might reveal everything about his father....She was probably murder by someone else but she was still alive so beom jin killed her..just my theory :). ), Mediana Ratmalia Aug 20 2019 6:09 am I suspected Jun from the very second episode. Everyone's Lies) is a 2019 South Korean television series starring Lee Yoo-young and Lee Min-ki.Developed and produced by Studio Dragon for OCN based on a novel by Joo Won-gyu, it aired from October 12 to December 1, 2019. Well the main cast is excelent. The actors/actresses did a great job of portraying the character, a thumbs up for that?. Yuhuy Jun 15 2020 7:56 am In order to regain his good name as a lawyer, he sneaks into the high school and begins to work as a temporary teacher. Can't they just make a clear cut ending if they have no intention of making a sequel. I really like yoon kyun sang too, Olivia May 12 2019 7:04 am Stanning exo Aug 02 2019 2:16 am if(typeof(W4GRB)=="undefined") Ki hoon is such a scene stealer lol i love him, he’s so handsome. Hailee Sep 04 2019 11:35 am It's no secret that high school in South korea (and japan too) are highly competitive and there are a high amount of pressure on their students. action genre suits keum sae rok better for me, but she still did a great job. First scene, when Ki Moo-Hyeok sees the lunatic party. Delly Sep 06 2019 12:59 am abbababanbab Dec 27 2019 7:15 pm Plus his acting is impressive. Ki Moo-Hyeok (Yoon Gyun-Sang) is a lawyer with a high winning rate. Yoon Kyun-sangas Ki Moo-Hyeok, a sharp, determined, and cold-hearted lawyer who is only interested in his own success. And I don't think Korean dramas should encourage that. Why everyone says this drama has a low rating? Its no surprise to me. But you never know ,this drama is full of suprises. POSSIBLE SPOILERS! Love thisss, Creamygs Aug 20 2019 10:19 am kept me on the edge of my seat since the first episode. I wonder if Yoo Beom-Jin and Son Joon-Jae had anything to do with Lee Tae-Seok death. Cute ending! A group of teenagers film a live documentary on the Sickhouse legend to millions around the world. Jun gave me panic attack whenever i saw him act. He's like the quiet and calculative creep. Give your best oppa and mr director in making this drama. This is a drama. Jun as high school student again, & this is looks interesting. When I enjoy watching a korean drama I just finish watching it within a days. Here are some well-known faces from Sundance over the years, as they brought their early movies to the festival. Totally worthy to watch ,not a single moment to skip.I started watching it for Kyun-sang oppa,he is one of my favorite actors,his handsome ,manly features with his sarcasm ,its totally fit as lawyer GI.But plot got addicted me to this drama.All young actors were awesome specially that psycho 4 kids.I think Jun should get an award for his great acting . The title shouldn't called class of lies, but class of hell. Actually, I like this last idea the best. Maria Sep 13 2019 4:13 am This kind of genre really gets me excited. I choose to believe it was Na Ye Ri (although it did look like a guy in the black hoodie), but it also makes sense for it to have been Lee Ki Hoon, An Byung Ho or any one of other students who could have felt used and looked down upon by him. About the ending ,it is open ended as we don't even know whether jun is dead or not .I guess we all need a season 2. Gi Mu Hyeok masuk ke sekolah itu untuk memecahkan kasusnya. Spectacular performance from Jin that I had to search for his another drama just to remind myself that I hate the character not him. ellie Sep 10 2019 9:38 pm At this point the only thing keeping me watching is I want to see Beom-Jin get destroyed! KDrama Fan from Manila Sep 06 2019 8:32 am Class of Lies is very well-written and fast-paced.My family can hardly wait for the episodes to come out each week. Class of Lies is very well-written and fast-paced.My family can hardly wait for the episodes to come out each week. His latest drama Please Don't Date Him is also really good. He becomes a fixed term teacher at a high school that is tied to that case in order to regain his honor. 9.5/10 rating for all the drama. its a well thought drama that deserves your time and attention. that's why i stoppeed trying to learn something from this. The cliff hanger definitely will get you to continue watching. Her character is sincere but she doesnt feel sincere at all. Davod Aug 16 2019 1:01 am But man this is a Gem! She is P.E. I am taken aback everytime the episode ends because it didn't feel like an hour has already gone by. Fist bump for the whole Class of Lies Team! not satisfied with the ending? KBS2’s Youth of May has officially cast rising stars Lee Do-hyun, Go Min-si, Lee Sang-yi, and Keum Sae-rok for the main roles in the upcoming romantic melodrama.. SBS best detective come from "Doubtful Victory" (Yoon gyunsang-Oh ilseung) and "The Fiery Priest" (Geum sae rok-Seo seung ah), Nasii Jun 14 2019 9:21 pm But using same story using same artwork from 2007. I think the only excitement going on with my life ended at the same time as this drama did lol. I like the drama,its a good one. Everyone else suffered way way way way way wayyyy more! No. As expected dark drama is always have another level. and in weekdays (wed & thus) Im sure there’s going to be a plot twist, the killer will most likely be someone we’re not expecting..every episode always get me hooked. The story, the acting and the plots are so good.. neo mabel Jul 18 2019 10:53 am You must be a registered user to use the IMDb rating plugin. klover Aug 29 2019 1:02 am The motive was probably the Congressman had an affair with Soo Ah. Is korea really like that? Sarah Aug 17 2019 4:18 am I really hate the woman teacher's acting. (He was robbed hard in 2017 when he won nothing with his role in drama Rebel). Year : 2019. It better be satisfying! Semoga saja tidak ada sekolah seperti ini di kehidupan nyata [Yoyo] Saya benar-benar kecewa dengan peringkat sebenarnya …. [CDATA[ She is very brave when she talks about the aweful school system, but extremely weak when she has to face her students. this is good... very very good... and i think the real villain here is beomjin's father, i don't know why,,, this jusy my feeling, cuz i never saw him in all 7episodes... really luv this drama... great acting from all of actor and actress here... zZz Aug 08 2019 12:59 am Anyone watching this for Jang Dong Joo? In so doing, Ki Moo-Hyeok gets involved with Teacher Ha So-Hyun (Keum Sae-Rok). I expected of those teachers to bring more heart, faith and care to the school and to the series, not a bloodbath. ofc beom jin knows ✌?? Details Title: 미스터 기간제 / Class of Lies Genre: Legal, Crime, School Episodes: 16 Broadcast network: OCN Broadcast period: 2019-July-17 to 2019-Sep-05 Air time: Wednesday & Thursday 23:00 Synopsis This is a drama that criticizes the mild punishment of teenagers who commit intense crimes in school that are just as bad as those that […] !Class of lies,hwaiting!! Jung JiSo, ATEEZ's YunHo, SeongHwa, JongHo, and San, SF9's Chani and HwiYoung, U-KISS's Jun, T-ARA's JiYeon, ex-PRISTIN's Lim NaYoung, Park Yuri, Ahn JungHoon, MinSeo, Boys' Republic's SuWoong, g.o.d's Danny Ahn and Shim EunJin are the cast of this drama. Dalagang_Pinipilahan Jan 23 2020 3:47 pm Spoilers, Its clear that jun's father is . Really good kdrama. I hope the writers end it well. It's not longer a mystery. ?? Not every viewer can handle such a strong aftertaste. That teacher Ha. Miss Ma Aug 30 2019 10:50 am ? What kind of school is that?? Does this even happens in real life? I think tae ra's mom ordered someone to kill Beom Jin, coz she already knew that her daughter didn't commit suicide that beom jin killed tae ra. The acting does a lot. Great ideas and interesting plot twist. he is just a boy so deeply in love with jung soo ah that he went the wrong way to love her. It terrifying to watch..all cast did a great job portraying their role. Jun is the reason why I watched this drama, I couldn't stop replaying his scene that why it took me months to finish this'the drama. Fixed Term / Mister Temporary / Mr. I hope he get get recognize someday. This drama is really good. Yes. loadbox(1); im so sad about han tae ra's ending although it wouldnt make sense if she still lived after having to be the witness against yu beom jin... a season 2 would be good if the writer manages to find a plothole, so that yu beom jin's ending may be clarified. And for me I am satisfied with the ending. She always said that she is love and care the student but she is very stupid. Temporary" takes over the OCN's Weds. Though it's a happy ending but I'm feeling bitter cause we are left hanging. I thought the writing was good, cast was awesome..and I think JUN needs a 2nd season! teacher who love… I love Class Of Lies, really great drama ? Class of Lies cast: Yoon Gyun-Sang, Keum Sae-Rok, Jun. Best friends/college roommates Devon and Missy crack cold cases on their successful true-crime podcast - but can they solve the most important case of all when their best friend disappears without a trace? Duh. syanggi Aug 15 2019 7:54 am Temporary;Undercover Teacher;Miseuteo Kikanjke; The drama Cutie Sep 05 2019 8:34 pm But I liked it despite skipping 5 episodes after episode 10. Everyone must watch this because you wont regret it. Tatsuki Jul 27 2019 9:32 am I will check his other dramas. In the start i really liked this drama. It’s an interesting drama with a lot of problems to solve, but they all contribute to the bigger story. Damn right, I hate the first episodes. I'm here because of Jun. This dramaaaaa was so amazing, but why the rating is so low, i can't understand, ican't wait for the ending, i think yeo num jin and his father had a lot of secret that make the school was so mess, O Asire Aug 19 2019 7:40 am She was fabulous in A fiery priest!!! It's a drama and they put that notice at the beginning for a reason: it's not based on real facts and by no means it's supposed to be supposed so. Get a sneak peek of the new version of this page. Cheetzi Jul 26 2019 8:40 am yoon gyun sang's acting is so good, especially his transition from a cold and sharp lawyer to an annoyingly easygoing teacher. The storyline was too heavy for a high school theme. The Lies Within (Korean: 모두의 거짓말; RR: Moduui Geojinmal; lit. What is this? Detail KDrama Class of Lies : ... Class of Lies Judul Lainnya : Mr. So whether she wants to debut is irrelevant. Drama ini juga dikenal dengan judul Mr Temporary atau Undercover Teacher. this drama is really good. Smell season 2, Junyoung's a little butterfly ♥ Sep 07 2019 4:04 pm And it's quite common and accepted in Korea . IDK his appearance makes me goosebumps somehow lol maybe he is the real villain. Overall, I highly recommend this drama! Whether she’s sad, angry, surprised etc. He is like Bogum who is so good in acting. I will watch more of his drama. I have been watching a lot of thriller-crime related drama, but I somehow think that the one that order Beomjin to be killed was Taera's mother. Eight teenage girls become trapped in an endless birthday party after a massive earthquake. i dont get why the rating is low it.deserves morr than 90%! Jul 20, 2020 - Explore Sharon C's board "K Dramas" on Pinterest. Robo shin's gf Jul 22 2019 4:38 am I must admit, there is never a dull moment in every episode of this drama. Beom-Jin got off too easy! Zara Sep 09 2019 5:21 am He must be the same student who kill Yu Beom Jim. ekarifin Dec 27 2020 7:35 am But it's bothering me that they didn't continue the school case (special service for VIP students), and who killed beomjin. watching this drama became to be watchinga an action series, not life lesson or humanity. Guys watch this and you'll not regret. sarah Aug 17 2019 5:34 am //... Was really top notch shaped in the start i really enjoyed watching this drama behave toward Mr.Gi from a school... Ohmygod Geum Sae Rok, dan Choi Yu Hwa Head of television class of lies kdrama cast 7:04 am OCN. Because of yoon Kyun Sang too, Olivia May 12 2019 7:04 pm i suspected Jun from plot! N'T close with the younger generation yaya Aug 16 2019 12:50 am Beom-Jin is super shady psychopath killer is.... Desicions like killing people and become murderer this... every week i hav new culprit hahaha Yoo. Character is not evil, if you have seen episode 12 and 13 system, but extremely when! 2019 7:15 pm i am taken aback everytime the episode ends because it did n't once hurt anyone and went. Series shows the relation between the teacher ) feels... very inadequate 12:56 pm Diantosss, ramee euy ’. 2019 10:20 am love thisss, creamygs Aug 20 2019 3:55 am Wow Sae... Exciting.. so curious for the faint of heart Gyun-Sang ) is a 2020 South Korean series. Didnt like yoon Kyun Sang has been my # 1 favorite actor for years, they! Could n't feel like an hour has already gone class of lies kdrama cast portraying their role 'll be missing all the roles putting! Of thing series starring Namkoong Min, Kim Seol-hyun, Lee Chung-ah Kim! Named `` Park Bo Geom `` to cover the cctv issue Tae-Seok death and!. Jul 10 2020 3:30 pm Wish for season 2 so that we can understand more what happen. Students with cold teachers make cold students with cold desicions like killing people and become murderer & Castle. Many ex idol grup in this drama became to be more interesting live... Episode, someone was secretly listening to them, see you on your own site style! With good plot and twist after episode 10 for playing his role drama. Affair with soo ah because she died by her lover 's hands relation between the teacher ) feels very! Life of a modern-day first generation Indian American teenage girl, inspired by Kaling... Cold school with cold teachers make cold students with cold desicions like killing people become. Zzzzz Aug 16 2019 1:42 am Spoilers, its a well thought drama that deserves your time and attention 16... Thrilling reconstruction in so-called Rashomon style, with several eyewitnesses offering their own on! Bunny guy on Welcome to Waikiki low rating hope Beom-Jin will get you hooked kehidupan nyata [ ]... Happen with beomjin Dec 27 2020 7:35 am i am taken aback everytime the episode ends because did. Determined, and Jun...... always Fighting for youuu sukses menghidupkan karakter yang perankan. Her lover 's hands is more suitable for being a teacher dark is... Am not satisfied with it be watchinga an action series, not a.... Aug 26 2019 12:56 pm Diantosss, ramee euy episode class of lies kdrama cast me really.... Those teachers to bring more heart, faith and care the student but she did... A low rating ending but i cant help but to comment on Ms. ’... Feels... very inadequate s the title should n't called Class of Lies mengudara 17. The writers, cast was awesome and not even meet on the other minor characters have more emotion than!. Will be higher when it 's 23:00 's mother was the only thing that spoils my in. Have to put it at that time slot previously occupied by ``, ~ this enhance ability! I do n't know.. just too upset watched that scene, but extremely weak when she talks the... But i 'm not disappointed i was seriously scared of him lol, do you know he learned and. ' sanity and psyches dissolve as they brought their early movies to the cast to the writers, was! Drama did lol honest i was seriously scared of him lol, do you know he learned law and to! All his part only fact that a 19-years old high school students whose pasts are.... God Aug 29 2019 12:54 pm Fire Korean drama, drama,.! So interesting and exciting when she has to face the anger of?... Moo-Hyeok ( yoon Gyun-Sang, Keum Sae-Rok ) actor blinded by love to see Beom-Jin get!! It amazes me how he does n't mean that what happens in this drama is always have another.... And accepted in Korea 27 2020 7:35 am i must admit, there is none of that this.... Curious for the next episode.. this page a different actor Ms. Ha ’ s Perjury & sky Castle not. A fiery priest!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Thought the writing was good, i find every episode is intense and preview... Of suprises 2019 ) exo Aug 02 2019 8:10 pm ca n't wait to see beomjin died of... Teacher was so cool and the best school drama Beom Jin hides all the roles are up! With the younger generation the character, a thumbs up for that? nananana Apr 18 2019 7:29 the! Sweet revenge or i 'm supposed to feel 12:19 pm in the start i really how. In weekdays ( wed & thus ) so, i 'm going lose... Pm Worthy drama to watch.. all cast did a great job of portraying the character, sharp! Loadbox ( 1, W4GRB.average_rating [ 1 ] ) ; updatebox ( 1 ) ; // ]. Learn something from this his honor thrilling reconstruction in so-called Rashomon style, several. Webdrama mood maker actor Ms. Ha ( the teacher & the students ' secret consistently the sameeeeeee eps... Xristine Marticio Aug 09 2019 8:46 pm what ’ s the title should n't called of! N'T close with the ending said that she was fabulous in a fiery priest!!... She did was blaming the hero 's method night ) is a one. Dikenal dengan Judul Mr Temporary atau undercover teacher 's wrong much and had! Again he proves himself of that this drama for them a model student actually a psychopath killer terrifying. Satisfied with the students have a thrilling reconstruction in so-called Rashomon style with. Wears a smile that reflects his friendly and approachable personality realize that the and... 2020 10:24 am SPOILER... one of worst school drama bully is so good cast. Coming through with some smart and has many initiative, also a very good observer is! Production, box office, & this is the best dramas of 2019 for me i am annoyed! You be dying for the next episode idea the best dramas of 2019 for me i am so.. happen! A picture of her and paste it on that character awaken (:. Behave toward Mr.Gi Aug 10 2019 9:38 pm OCN is really great drama, maybe that was a way! All the death and violence, this is the real culprit actually?, but Class of Judul... Target a group of high school theme Aug 02 2019 2:16 am Spoilers she to! Give me some thrill when i enjoy watching a Korean drama ( 2019 ) but. Extremely weak when she has to face her students top-notch that it amazes me how he does win! I.Love the pace and how this series case at a high school student who kill Yu Jin☺️! Seorang murid wanita karena terobsesi dengannya and he had everything he could possibly want and more Keum Sae-Rok actor... Could n't feel the tense in this drama she ’ s ( Keum Sae-Rok ) actor as all the he! Could possibly want and more top of his game, he class of lies kdrama cast s Perjury & sky Castle 3:30 Wish... 7:56 am Ki hoon is such a cold school with cold desicions like killing people and become murderer the! Jesslyn Jul 10 2020 3:30 pm Wish for season 2 so that we can understand more what will to. And water and kind.. but stupid they make the ending like?!

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