Your Betta will also more than likely try to steal their food which can be a huge pain in the ass. They shouldn't ever do this unless they are defending themselves from being attacked or picked at. Thread Starter; Prism. We're also here to help you if you need advice. Pellets and wafers are the best options as they are water sinkable and available in most pet stores. I added my 6 pygmies into my 10g before adding my betta (who I had in a 5G beforehand so I know how he acts) and so far so good but it has only been a day. Yes. I would make sure they all have plenty of hiding places, since corys are bottom dwellers. There's a chance that he'll be a little more chill about them if they are there before him. Panda Cory; Pygmy Cory . I know for sure that I'm getting a betta on sunday when i get my heater to get it to 80, but I was wondering if I could get some cory catfish as well before I get him? For a 5 gallon you'll want to pick a smaller variety of corys like Panda corys or pepper corys. I would just use a net anytime you have to move them. Discussion Starter • #1 • Jul 14, 2010. hide. Above the black line, the fish’s body is usually dark gray, while the body below the line is white or cream. The type of substrate will not matter when it comes to the stinging. So far, he's giving them the stinkeye, but they are fast enough to avoid his actual wrath. We've currently got my Betta in a 10 with 3 rosy red minnows. As a side note, pygmy cories are mid-level fish, so you can't count on the cories and your betta to stay in separate layers of the tank. Had we put them in my husband's 10 with his Betta, they'd be murdered by now. Good examples of the latter are the Rummy-nose Tetra, the Least Rasbora, and the Pristella Tetra. share. Pygmy cories don't actually sting, the spines in their dorsal fins are extremely pointed and sharp and can puncture skin. I doubt a betta would bother with those, and they sink to the bottom where a pygmy cory likes to forage too. Would this be a good pairing? Personally I wouldn't. Get them a few days ahead of time if you can. a small group of 3 would probably max your tank. A bettas ideal temperature is 78°F and a cory’s is between 70-78°F. If you did want to try that route, corydoras habrosus are dwarf cories that stay pretty much always near the bottom. Though this is borderline for both the betta and cory . My 10 gallon's finally cycled and the temp (without the heater) is 75 so it's finally ready to be stocked! Pygmy corydoras habitat is in South America, it is endemic species of Madeira river that flows in Brazil. Pygmy Cory Tropical Fish Learn all about the Pygmy Cory's feeding habits and food types, its behaviour, its origins, its natural habitats, is it male or female, breeding advice and information, suitable tank mates, its sizing and growth range, minimum tank size, water PH and more. Dwarf Cory. Next Last. The subreddit for anything related to aquariums! Jun 22, 2012 #1 Hi guys and girls, long time no see but I am back with a literally very small project and a small question. I was researching about this and I found a thread, and Anders replied to it, and said pygmy cory are more of middle swimmers, and may get on the bettas nerves, so I'm worried to try. The sting is more of just a jab from the pectoral fin but if you get stung you should keep an eye on it so it doesn't get infected. The mouths of tank mates should be smaller than an inch. save. Jul 15, 2017. Just make sure they have some hiding spots and it shouldn't ever be a problem. Shrimp are actually pretty interesting to watch and make perfect tankmates for bettas. Are a betta and pygmy cory catfish are okay together in a 10 gallon? But they still can be aggressive and territorial. Can I add some pygmy corydoras? I was reading through some other forums and one of them said the Pygmy Cory has very sharp things under its eyes, and sting other fish if they try to swallow them, is this true? If I put some gravel down instead of sand would that dull the sharp things? After some searching, I found this little guy and some nice panda Cory's. New comments cannot be posted and votes cannot be cast. Once again you’re going to be at one end of the spectrum. bettas . Can I have 6 Pygmy Cory cats and a betta in a 10 gal tank? I am open to suggestions. The catfish often swim in large schools hiding among riverside vegetation or roots of trees. Hello everyone. Feb 5, 2019. So try to keep your pH at 7.0. Joined Oct 30, 2011 Messages 4,276 Reaction score 2 Location GB. But my original cory is still doing fine even though hes by himself, and hes the only living creature that my betta tolerates... so no, pygmy cories will either get too stressed from living with a giant monster (betta) or not enough space to school. The cories pose no risk or threat but the betta could hurt them if he gets aggressive. Moderator; Coradee . 1 of 2 Go to page. report . So, you have lots of food options to add to your fish’s diet. 100% Upvoted. Guest. Here’s what type of tank mates will work in a Betta fish tank: The best tank mates for a Betta fish are peaceful bottom-dwellers such as the Pygmy Corydoras or dwarf schooling fish that are fast enough to discourage chasings. Some tank mates to avoid are Cichlids, Goldfish, Jack Dempsey, and Oscars. They are undemanding and peaceful, so you won’t have to worry about them fighting with your Betta. I don't know if corydoras are fast enough to get away. Pygmy Cory and Betta? Because of these fin spines it is not recommended to catch them using a net as the spines can easily get stuck in the net and seriously injure the fish. If you've read my o... Stringy things hanging off of plants and structures/ debris on top of water, Weird things found in aquariums & some help to identify them. Depends on the betta. Also, not all species of corys can do this and I'm not sure which ones do and don't. Jul 15, 2017. I have a small pygmy gourami that always rubs against things and has been f... My fish are dying because of a dead pygmy cory. betta harem is a tank that contains five female betta fish. I am in no rush, because this will probably be quite far off in the future. As mentioned above, female bettas are less aggressive than male bettas and it all depends on each fish. Won't pygmy corys also eat algae wafers though? Pygmy Cory is a peaceful and miniature fish species commonly found in freshwater aquariums, ... Be very careful with Betta, Paradise fish, Siamese Algae Eater, Angelfish. The bigger cory died first, and eventually the other new cory died too within a month. If I can’t add them I will probably get some ember tetras. Member. The only exceptions to this are large species, as Pygmy Cory are small so could easily fit in a bigger fish’s mouth. Pygmy Cory are very peaceful and won’t start any fights. Come here to enjoy pictures, videos, articles and discussion. Moderator. Gourami36. When keeping a larger school of Pygmy corydoras with a betta fish, a 10+ gallon tank is ideal, but some aquarists have found success with well planted 5 gallon tanks if water changes are performed regularly. Pygmy Corydoras With Betta. Next up is the water temperature. Any more than that and I would upgrade to a 10 gallon. This thread is archived. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts, The reason they kill other fish is because those spines pierce the mouth and throat of the fish trying to swallow it and this ends up killing both the prey fish and the cory. They are rather shy and prefer to hide around the plants and debris in the bottom of your tank. 35 Posts . OP . Some cories, reputably Panda cories, do have glands which supposedly contain a toxic substance which gets into the puncture wound resulting from their fin spines, but very little is actually known about this happening. If tank mates are peaceful too, there should not be any compatibility problems. I couldn't find the wee cha... White fish flake type floating things in my tank, How to treat my Cory and platy for fin rot. Schooling fish can not be kept in groups of 3, much less alone. I've never heard of them having sharp things under their eyes but yes they can sting when stressed and they release a toxin. Thread starter snazy; Start date Jun 22, 2012; click to view the entries! Substrate is sand and I have live plants. Feb 5, 2019. david1978. Are a betta and pygmy cory catfish are okay together in a 10 gallon? Corys are one of the best tankmates for bettas, but not in a 3.4 gallon. Anders247 What do you say about this? This is flooded forests area. I love my cories. For the future, I am thinking about getting a male betta and two pygmy or panda cory catfish to put in my 10 gallon aquarium with heater and filter. Press J to jump to the feed. The pygmy cory has an unbroken black line running along the whole length of the side of its body. 8 comments. We were going to move our guy out of the 1 gallon tank we have him in, into a 5 gallon tank, and I thought it would be nice to have a cory and a snail in there also. Thread starter snazy; Start date Jun 22, 2012; click to enter! What would happen if the Betta tried to swallow the Cory? They are like every species; some are more aggressive than others. 127 127. Being only a 5 gallon tank you can't do very many. Even pygmy's need at least a 10 gallon and groups of 6+. They occasionally take in air on the surface of your tank, but that’s usually a sign of poor water quality. What fish can live in a sorority with Bettas: A Betta sorority a.k.a. Can Pygmy Corydoras Catfish Live with Betta Fish? There is really no saying. 1; 2; Next. By entering this site you declare These tiny cory catfish rarely get bigger than an inch and are therefore make ideal tank mates for smaller fish or a single betta fish. Keep your water … Ever wondered how females and a male Betta do in a tank together? It is best to use a cup or other solid container to corral the cory into and then move it. I have some new fish in the tank right now, so I have a lot of time. Pygmy Cory Care (Corydoras pygmaeus) Parameters, Feeding, & Tank Mates, - Fish Care for Beginners. Member. By Pygmy cories, 1 year ago on General Freshwater Questions. So as long as you can keep the water as close to 7.0 then your cory’s and bettas will be fine. Joined Oct 30, 2011 Messages 4,276 Reaction score 2 Location GB. Sadly, just before Christmas, my betta Paul died. snazy Moved On. Can Feeder Guppies Live with Betta Fish? You may be able to keep up to three pygmy corys in a small betta set-up. 6-8 is a good number of them in a 10G. Go. It is rumored that this toxin can be released when the fish are transported in small bags and either sedate or even kill the cory, but rumored is the key word here. snazy Moved On. 1; 2; First Prev 2 of 2 Go to page. Although they look very similar, dwarf corys are not the same as the pygmy. Yes. If the betta is being aggressive towards them then they should be separated and he probably won't be able to be kept in a community tank. Yeah Pygmy Corys should be fine as long as your Betta has some chill. Many Bettas are perfectly fine with tankmates while others can be a bit more aggressive. They should never be placed in a tank with Pygmy Cory. My older betta on the other hand would definitely harass them to the point of death. I will be upgrading my betta to a 10 gal tank soon (yes k know abt the no2 cycle) but can I have him with 6 Pygmy cories? If you want tankmates, get some shrimp. More vids to come! answer #2. If Corydoras Catfish are too big for your aquarium, these guys are a great compromise. My Betta's fish tank has got white floaty things in it, its ... How can I put sand into a tank that already has water and fish in it? Adding the Corys first will probably help with aggression though. Shrimp: Will Pygmy Cory … He's a relatively shy betta so he just kind of stays away from them. The river water is very muddy, the flow is very slow and almost unnoticeable. Can I have 6 Pygmy Cory cats and a betta in a 10 gal tank? The only trouble you’ll find is that bettas can survive in slightly acidic environments but not alkaline ones. you read and agreed to the, Things I've Learned about Betta Fish Care, 7 Things You've Heard about Betta Fish that Aren't True. Depends how territorial he is. Cory catfish may be pregnant... Is there a way to tell if an albino Cory is... Sick pygmy cory catfish? Prev. He showed aggression with and ate my ghost shrimp, but I guess that those could be considered food. Member. The easiest, most accessible, and affordable food option for your Catfish is dry food. Betta With Pygmy Corys. thanks! It has a couple of caves for them to hide and I've read that bettas might try and go for them but they're too quick for them to get so they leave them alone and there's typically no problem. Can I have 6 Pygmy Cory cats and a betta in a 10 gal tank? Albino may be another option, but I'm unsure off the top of my head of how large those can get. If I put some gravel down instead of sand would that dull the sharp things? Pygmy Cory is omnivorous fish species that are easiest to feed as they can eat anything from plants to meat-based foods. I have a 15 gallon tank that had a betta and 10 ghost shrimp. If I upgrade him to a 10 gallon tank, could he live happily with some Panda Corys? It has a couple of caves for them to hide and I've read that bettas might try and go for them but they're too quick for them to get so they leave them alone and there's typically no problem. Just give them some places to hide and some objects to investigate, dont keep a bland bottom. I was reading through some other forums and one of them said the Pygmy Cory has very sharp things under its eyes, and sting other fish if they try to swallow them, is this true? Try to put the corys in first. Can't happen...look at the bettas mouth and the cories head...that head is way too big to fit in the bettas mouth. This is a good guide to picking out a betta for a community tank. Member. Go. I have a male halfmoon double tail betta fish. 4 years ago. Betta With Pygmy Corys. I have had no problems with Betta, 5 zebra and 3 Cory Jules. Temperature wise not the best match. Female fish are generally rounder and are generally a little larger than males. Most Pleco's have these same spines and there are quite a few threads on here where large fish like Oscars, etc., have swallowed Plecos and ended up with both fish dying from the pleco getting stuck via the spines in the Oscar's mouth.

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