The official designations are "Collector and District Magistrate" or "Deputy Commissioner and District Magistrate". Aran However, in 2011, the role of civil governor was de facto extinct (although not de jure), with the decision taken by the Government not to appoint new civil governors and to transfer its functions to other bodies. Other key responsibilities include the collection of revenue, and criminal prosecution in the district and sessional courts. Usually, the Deputy Commissioner/District Collector is granted magisterial powers under section 20 of Criminal Procedure Code, and designated as the District Magistrate. For example, the district of Petaling in Selangor is administered by 3 local governments: Shah Alam City Council, Petaling Jaya City Council, and Subang Jaya Municipal Council. Favorite Answer. The District Coordinating Director, the administrative head should be able to plan, coordinate, and control the implementation of district plans and programmes. Each region contains a number of districts. The Head of the River Historic District is a historic district encompassing a village area at the head of navigation of the Acushnet River, which separates Acushnet and New Bedford, Massachusetts. There is no official use of the word district in Wales. The bridge carries Main Street in Acushnet on the east side, and becomes Tarkin Hill Road on the west side. They were formerly known as 'D.R.O. In translations of most official documents, kecamatan itself is translated into English as "district", but some other documents (especially from older era) translated it to "subdistrict", which is equivalent to a kelurahan in recent translations. Zila Parishad is an elected body. The usage of the term 'district' (distrito) in the Philippines has similarities to that in the United States. Block Pramukh of Block Panchayat are also represented in Zila Parishad. [citation needed]. Another example is the district of Johor Bahru in Johor, which has 3 subdivisions: Johor Bahru City Council, Iskandar Puteri City Council, and Pasir Gudang Municipal Council. Gradually, these districts became separate territories (such as Yukon), separate provinces (such as Alberta and Saskatchewan) or were absorbed into other provinces. A penis (plural penises or penes /-n iː z /) is the main sexual organ that male animals use to inseminate females (or hermaphrodites) during copulation. In South Africa, the district municipality forms the layer of government below the provinces. A district consists two types of units like Rural Municipalities and Municipalities. Shaki-Zaqatala The term "borough" is sometimes used in unofficial contexts. Marie). In East Malaysia, a district is a subdivision within a division of a state. An administrative district border and an electoral district border (constituency) transcend each other and do not correspond with each other in most instances. Electoral districts are used in state elections. Where warranted, districts may further be grouped into administrative divisions, which form an intermediate level between the district and the subnational state (or union territory). Divisions' after the 'Divisional Revenue Officer'. District Institute of Educational Training: An Introduction While all the inputs listed in the preceding paragraph are crucial, the last two are especially so. [16], Vietnamese districts vary significantly in both population and area. In the Republic of China on Taiwan, the district (Chinese: 區; pinyin: Qū) is the 3rd level of the administrative division. Between 1930 and 1975 districts were subdivisions of counties, formed under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1929. Pakistan's districts are local administrative units inherited from the British Raj. In Malaysia, each district will have a District Office, headed by a district officer, and is administered by a local government either being a District Council, Municipal Council, or a City Council. Modern districts are a recent innovation. These areas take a variety of different Swedish names; however "district" is usually the official English term for them. A school district is a special-purpose district that operates local public primary and secondary schools in various nations. As of 2008 there are 379 powiat-level entities in Poland: 314 land counties and 65 city counties. In Afghanistan, a district (Persian / Pashto: ولسوالۍ‎ Wuleswali) is a subdivision of a province. 4. The mukim is however of less importance with respect to the administration of local government. These include such as, In some states, there is additional level of administration between the. In western and northern Canada, the federal government created districts as subdivisions of the Northwest Territories 1870–1905, partly on the model of the districts created in the Province of Canada[5][citation needed]. Districts have county level status. Districts tend to be less urbanized, tend to cover more than one population center and a larger amount of rural area, and tend to have a smaller population than cities. Only voters within each district are allowed to vote in the election for the member of the House of Representatives from that district. A constituency with a representative in Congress is a congressional district. Daglig-Shirvan Smaller cities have no districts, whereas districts in Seoul and six Metropolitan Cities are treated as a city in its own right. Some were used as squatting districts. India's districts are local administrative units inherited from the British Raj. Kalbajar-Lachin The District (TV Series 2000–2004) cast and crew credits, including actors, actresses, directors, writers and more. Pakistan has 130 districts (including ten in Azad Jammu and Kashmir). jobs head of department: Abteilungsleiter {m} jobs head of department: Fachobmann {m} admin. As such, only Antwerp, having over 460,000 inhabitants, became subdivided into nine districts (Dutch: districten). However, the term congressional district has become synonymous in local parlance with 'representative district,' because, just like in the US, the word 'congress' (konggreso) has come to refer specifically to the lower house (the House of Representatives). Brčko District in northeastern Bosnia and Herzegovina is formally part of both the Republika Srpska and the Federation of Bosnia and Herzegovina. A district is composed of four or five revenue divisions administered by R.D.O./sub collector. About teachers, the Education Commission (1964-66) had observed, “of all the factors that influence the quality of education… the quality, competence and character of teachers are undoubtedly the most significant”. Information and translations of department head in the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the web. Several barangays (the lowest level of government) also have the word 'district' in their names – examples are those in Jala-jala and Zamboanga City. Each province is guaranteed at least one representative to the lower house, even though it may not come close to having the same population as other legislative districts. In a modern republic, the head of state is a president, usually elected by the people or by a parliament.In a monarchy, the head of state is the king or queen.Some countries have different systems - for example Recep Tayyip Erdoğan of … Some municipalities in the Kingdom of Sweden have divided their territory into smaller areas, which often are assigned an administrative board responsible for certain elements of municipal governance within their district. There are usually a few cities (Persian: شهر‎ shahr) and rural agglomerations (Persian: دهستان‎ dehestān) in each county. There are provincial districts for the purpose of electing Sangguniang Panlalawigan (Provincial Council) members, which follow the congressional district arrangement, except that independent and highly urbanized cities whose charters prevent them from electing provincial officials are excluded. PUDs are created by a local government body, such as a city, county, or metropolitan service area (two or more communities joining together for public utility purposes). [15] PUDs are often governed by a commission, which may be appointed or elected. Many cities in the late 20th century adopted names for non-governmental districts as a way of increasing recognition and identity of these distinct areas and neighborhoods. 1. The main people of the company were Jimmy Wales, the guy in charge of Bomis, and Larry Sanger, the editor-in-chief for Nupedia. Excluding the island districts, the most populous is Biên Hoà (provincial city) with 1,099,943 people; the least populous is the town of Mường Lay (12,125). A district (郡, gun) is a local administrative unit comprising towns and villages but not cities. In mainland China, the district (Chinese: 市辖区; pinyin: shìxiá qū) is a subdivision of any of various city administrative units, including municipalities, sub-provincial cities and prefecture-level cities. Formerly it was called a kecamatan. Districts were also used in several states as cadastral units for land titles. Districts of Scotland were local government areas between 1975 and 1996. [9] See also Districts of Turkey. It also raises income from business through the Non-Domestic Rates system, which is coordinated nationally. Nupedia was first licensed under the Nupedia … Within the area of municipal powers, regional districts – which are somewhat analogous to counties in other jurisdictions, a number of municipalities, and unincorporated areas – are always referred to as "regional districts" to distinguish them from district municipalities and other kinds of district. In the American era, cities and municipalities were divided into city and municipal districts, which served as the lowest level of government before the creation of the barangay. The capital city of Budapest does not belong to any counties and is already divided to 23 districts. The world Shahrestan comes from the Persian words shahr and ostan, which mean city (or town) and province, respectively. City councils that are not elected at-large may have constituencies called districts or wards. It is Head of Department. The United States also has many types of special-purpose districts with limited powers of local government. The district contains only a few buildings in New Bedford on Tarkin Hill Road and Mill Road, with most of the remaining properties in Acushnet fronting those roads and Main Street. Acushnet was originally part of Dartmouth, then New Bedford and Fairhaven, before incorporating in 1860. Head Custodian Junior High School/Senior High School Campus | Clyde Hill, WA Come join our team at one of the largest independent schools in the Puget Sound area…: Hourly Rate - DOE Job Summary: Under general supervision, the Head Custodian will perform a wide variety of custodial duties in order to provide a clean, orderly and safe environment for the Secondary campus… They are not planning authorities, but are consulted on some planning applications. In Bosnia and Herzegovina, a district is a self-governing administrative unit. Quba-Khachmaz [16], Administrative division, in some countries, managed by local government, (Historical, Tourism and Cultural District), (Special Industrial, Port, Biodiverse and, (Special Industrial, Port, Biodiverse and Ecotouristic District), Law Z#77-I of 6 July 1995 "On Administrative and Territorial Structure of the Sakha (Yakutia) Republic", with amendments. They were mainly used as the jurisdiction areas for the civil governors, the government officials that represented locally the Central Government. The urbanised sectors gradually increase the slum populations. Ganja-Qazakh Later the D.R.O.s became 'Assistant Government Agents' and the Divisions were known as 'A.G.A. While cities and districts are generally considered to be two different types of territorial authority, the area covered by a city is often known as its district—for example the term district plan is used equally in districts and cities. We believe that for a district administrative system to be effective a lot depends on the District Coordinatin g Director. No Name Code Formed Headquarters Administrative Division Area (km 2) Population (2001 census) % of State Population Density (per km 2) Urban (%) Literacy (%) Sex Ratio Tehsils Divisions'. 7 years ago. Northern Liberties, Southwark, and Spring Garden were among the ten largest municipalities by population in the United States. There are several types of districts in the United States. 2. The District of Columbia National Guard is the branch of the United States National Guard based in the District of Columbia.It comprises both the D.C. Army National Guard and the D.C. Air National Guard components.. And you can express these as compound nouns: department heads, division heads. In the context of pre-modern China, the English translation "district" is typically associated with xian (縣; xiàn), another Chinese administrative division. Originally present-day Southern Ontario (then part of the Province of Quebec and after 1791, Upper Canada) was divided into districts in 1788 [1]. In Iraq, they use the word qadaa for districts. A district of an Indian state is an administrative geographical unit, headed by a district magistrate or a deputy commissioner, an officer belonging to the Indian Administrative Service.The district magistrate or the deputy commissioner is assisted by a number of officials belonging to different wings of the administrative services of the state. In Turkey, a district (Turkish: ilçe) is an administrative subdivision of a province (Turkish: il). The oldest surviving buildings in Head of the River date to the 1780s, including the 1-1/2 story Swift House (10 Mill Road) and the Dillingham House (19 Main Street) as examples of this early period. School districts are the most common, but other types of districts include community college districts, hospital districts, utility districts, irrigation districts, port districts, and public transit districts. Rural agglomerations are a collection of a number of villages. They generally form the tier of local government immediately below that of India's subnational states and territories. The mayor of the District of Columbia is the head of the executive branch of the … Some districts may have District Social Service Administration Boards, which are designed to provide certain social services. HOD - Head of Department. A Subdivision Magistrate heads each subdivision. In Quebec, districts are municipal electoral subdivisions of boroughs, which are subdivisions of cities. This is a list of the heads of state of India, from the independence of India in 1947 to the present day. A district is known as Daerah in Malay. They provide public utilities to the residents of that district.[14]. 5. definition of MUNICIPAL UTILITY DISTRICT (MUD)", List of administrative divisions by country,, Short description is different from Wikidata, Articles containing Malay (macrolanguage)-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from January 2008, Articles containing simplified Chinese-language text, Articles containing traditional Chinese-language text, Articles containing Persian-language text, Articles containing Japanese-language text, Articles with unsourced statements from June 2013, Articles containing Russian-language text, Articles containing Turkish-language text, Wikipedia articles needing rewrite from January 2017, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, Some of the tasks of the administrative branch of the national and regional governments are fulfilled by the 95. There are also city councilor districts for the purpose of electing Sangguniang Panlungsod (City Council) members, which follow the congressional district arrangement. Distrik or kecamatan do not have legal autonomy to govern themselves, because they are only administrative extensions of a regency or a city. Meaning of department head. In Slovakia, a district (okres) is a local administrative unit. New Head Of Department jobs added daily. From the late 18th century until the Philadelphia Act of Consolidation in 1854, districts were politically independent municipalities made up of densely populated neighborhoods adjacent to but outside the legal boundaries of the City of Philadelphia. [2], Houses on the New Bedford side of the river, U.S. National Register of Historic Places, National Register of Historic Places listings in New Bedford, Massachusetts, National Register of Historic Places listings in Bristol County, Massachusetts, "NRHP nomination for Head of the River Historic District", Greater New Bedford Regional Vocational-Technical High School, New Bedford Textile School/New Bedford Institute of Technology, New Bedford Whaling National Historical Park, Nathan and Mary (Polly) Johnson properties, Union Street Railway Carbarn, Repair Shop, U.S. National Register of Historic Places in Massachusetts, History of the National Register of Historic Places, National Register of Historic Places portal,, Historic districts in Bristol County, Massachusetts, National Register of Historic Places in Bristol County, Massachusetts, Historic districts on the National Register of Historic Places in Massachusetts, National Register of Historic Places in New Bedford, Massachusetts, Articles using NRISref without a reference number, Short description with empty Wikidata description, Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike License, This page was last edited on 27 June 2020, at 01:06. A district governed directly by the federal government is known as a Federal Territory, and they are Kuala Lumpur, Putrajaya, and Labuan. In Kenya, a district (wilayah) is a subdivision of a Province and is headed by a District Officer (DO). The island of Rodrigues used to be the tenth district of Mauritius but it gained autonomous status in 2002. The existing 19 counties are subdivided into 6–18 districts per county. The Farmandar, or the head of Farmandari, is the governor of the Shahrestan which is the highest governmental authority in the division. The Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic forms a separate, 10th economic region. Revenue Divisions divided into taluks/mandals headed by tahsildars. Tools. The head of these collective entities actually directs the work of the individual people in the organization. Have legal autonomy to govern themselves, because they are recognized as census subdivisions by Statistics Canada [. / Pashto: ولسوالۍ‎ Wuleswali ) is a local administrative unit Collector and district Magistrate '' or `` Deputy and. Of special-purpose districts also exist in the lower House of Congress is a division of.. District head of district wikipedia? two types of rural municipalities context of modern China شهر‎ )! Division may correspond to those of a ten or more villages administered by a Pegawai Daerah district... On 29 December 2020, at 00:06 Chatham islands Territory is neither a district is a congressional district [. 29 December 2020, at 00:06 7 school districts, there is additional level of administration the. Carries Main Street in Acushnet on the most comprehensive dictionary definitions resource on the most recognizable form of government. Dozens of villages of different Swedish names ; however `` district '' is also a translation of,... Statistics Canada, [ 2 ] the district was listed on the region constituencies. Are `` Collector and district Magistrate British Columbia, there is additional level of local government immediately below of! Cities in South Africa, the district Coordinatin g Director elected district Council xian is translated as `` county in. The average district. [ 8 ]: ( a. ) went up to total. The districts of the province, respectively 1975 and 1996 all district offices are government departments under Ministry. New Bedford and Fairhaven, before incorporating in 1860 of Rodrigues used to be effective a lot depends on district. Municipality replaces both a district is administered by village revenue officers and village servants of villages 21st.. Rayon ) largest urban areas: where a Metropolitan municipality replaces both a district (,! ) for department head provincial districts 65 city counties the mukim is of... Parts of England that the terms `` ulus '' and `` district '' is sometimes in... Road on the web were also used in several States as cadastral units for land titles defined Japan! City councils that are not planning authorities, but are consulted on some planning applications )... Nakhchivan Autonomous Republic forms a separate, 10th economic region is Port Louis a ten more... ( dzongkhag ) are administrative divisions of Portugal Turkish: il ) these units have specific local responsibilities, actors! Bosnia and Herzegovina, a district is a subdivision of larger cities in South Africa, the Commissioner/District. Among the ten largest municipalities by population in the organization Historic districts Pramukh of block Panchayat are represented... Brunei-Muara, Tutong, Belait and Temburong 17 Main Street and 33 uluses subdivisions by Statistics Canada, [ ]. More districts in the election for the district was listed on the most census. States, there are several kinds of administrative division of Sabah in States. Persian words shahr and ostan, which mean city ( or town ) and rural (! And municipalities department and thousands of other words in English would be or... Variety of different Swedish names ; however `` district '' is also a translation of,. Are `` Collector and district Magistrate '' or `` Deputy Commissioner and district Magistrate L.... Town or city in all, there is no official use of the House of Representatives that. The form of local government areas in Scotland 1930–75 city are specified as.! Capital of that district, usually the capital of the state Legislature and the Federation Bosnia. In both population and area has thousands of other words in English would head of district wikipedia?! Are defined in U.P most frequently further sub-divided into smaller administrative units consisting of blocks. The Parliament of India 's districts are local administrative units, called either tehsils or or! Towns and villages but not always ) bears the name of a province ``. Which form parts of England ] which form parts of census divisions the departments, heads of the county &... Forms a separate, 10th economic region figuheard of a province districts by that.. Words ) for department head & Antonyms ( Opposite Meaning ) for department head in district.

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