In 2018, the app briefly ranked first in several Apple stores including those in Russia, Turkey, South Korea, Taiwan, and Indonesia. Live video, video editing, video sharing, live video can be saved to the platform, newly added gifting function, fans ranking (based on gifts and likes), viewer data, hashtags, categorized pages (called channels) promoting different types of content. The high tea, which is meant for two people, was split among six people, with each person paying 85 yuan ($12.5). Before starting live video she was a small-time dancer, actress and DJ and she now makes a full-time living from live streaming. As of March 2016, monthly active users are around 200 million. We will start with our top short video & live streaming list, stay tuned for the other categories that will follow shortly and will be listed below this article! Tmall Live Streaming, see now, buy now. [Photo/Xinhua] Live streaming during the pandemic in China … Analysts view Momo as naturally suitable to host live broadcast activities for several reasons, one being that the purpose behind live broadcasting fits well with Momo’s user base (killing time), and the other being that user acquisition costs and revenue sharing fees (to performers) are low due to an established user base. Many of them are born in 1990 or later, with a huge amount of the users being teenagers. Different from apps such as Douyin and Xigua, MOMO does not show content based on user preference but based on its geographic location. Her earnings are incredible, with an average of 35,000+ RMB a night (last night she earned approx. It is a one-stop destination for live TV which is categorized into genres namely, Movies, Entertainment, Sports, Music, Tech, Animals, gaming, anime, and spiritual. 2. “This is a major event for the Chinese Internet,” (“这都是中国互联网的一件大事”), Sudashui wrote, suggesting the app had been approved by the Chinese authorities. Qi Ru, a 19-year-old student in China, has been able to capitalize on this trend and build a large following online through her live stream … Faking such proof is probably not too difficult; most of the active members of the ‘Shanghai Ladies’ WeChat group appear to be anything but nouveau riche – nor old rich, for that matter. The app is very popular among men and women in their 20s, gifting, hashtags, filters, ability to save broadcasts to the platform, sharing your screen with another person. Eighteen apps were shut down in April 2017 for obscene or illegal content. Stream Live Sports – This app has been mentioned on the Forbes and BGR, and for a good reason. Tmall’s live streaming platform was launched by Alibaba. In the meantime, MOMO has also been growing in popularity, registering 16 million daily active users in 2018, making it the most popular app in the category live streaming and the 88th the most popular app overall – that may not sound too impressive, but within China’s booming app market, it actually is. The Android browser app, called ‘Tuber’, soon became a much-discussed topic, with Weibo users saying it was available from the Huawei app store. From September to December 2018, Douyin’s daily active users increased from 118.7 to 138.5 million. “It turned out to be a high-end version of Pinduoduo,” Lizhonger writes. Staff is present to work behind and around the camera, helping streamers interact with their audience members. Anton, who hails from Ukraine and now lives in Chongqing, southwestern China, joined the app two years ago and had been a live-streamer for about six months before his signal was suddenly cut … 5. fuboTV . They made a name for themselves early in the live streaming … Founded in 2013 as AcFun Live, a live broadcasting division of AcFun, Douyu changed its name became independent in January 2015. The live streaming and short video app market is (still) absolutely booming in China. This site uses cookies. She now lives in Amsterdam and works as a part-time translator, with a particular interest in Chinese modern culture and politics. Unlike many of the other apps, Meipai offers viewer data to users who have reached a certain number of followers. Meipai also has quite a few foreign users as well as Chinese people living and studying abroad. Searches for the app also showed no results in various Chinese app stores, including the Huawei app store. Each of these TV streaming services allow you to stream live TV right in your internet browser, and many of them also work with phones, video game consoles, and other devices. TechCrunch reported that the app came with a veil of censorship, with YouTube queries for politically sensitive keywords such as “Tiananmen” or “Xi Jinping” returned no results on the app. Through its broadcasting feature, users can also send each other money or virtual gifts. A Shanghai ‘Female Socialite WeChat Group’ has gone mega trending on Chinese social media today after a blogger went undercover in the group for two weeks, giving netizens a peek inside a world that’s all about faking it. Likewise, the booking costs for a 3000 yuan hotel room at the Ritz was shared among 15 members of the WeChat group, with each person paying 200 yuan ($30). For each length the app offers different filter and editing options. ©2020 Whatsonweibo. The price for a room at the glamorous and expensive Bvlgari Hotel Shanghai was shared with no less than 40 people, each person paying 125 yuan ($18) just to go up, take a pic, and share their location on social media. !”, By Manya Koetse , with contributions by Bobby Fung As with Douyin, Kuaishou has also been successful outside of mainland China. The profile poster states that the WeChat group is a place to share information about (Hermes, Dior, etc) luxury products, to have afternoon tea together, to get to know social media influencers and to share updates on wealthy and eligible bachelors. “This can’t be real, can it?” For a moment there was some consternation on Weibo this week, when news made it rounds that a new browser app would allow Chinese web users to visit websites that are otherwise blocked in mainland China, from Google to Instagram. For this selection, we chose to avoid the most obvious popular apps, such as Weibo or WeChat, that are already frequently covered in English-language media. More than just a video and broadcasting app, Douyin is very much interactive, which inherently makes it a social media platform. Adding to this, Xigua also offers a live streaming service and a wide variety of television programs and games. The Cyberspace Administration of China has drafted new rules to narrow the scope of user data collected by apps; Twelve types of apps, including live-streaming … Taobao Live is by far the most popular platform for live streaming: 79 percent of of all e-commerce live-streaming transactions in China occurred on its platform. Or how about renting a white Ferrari for one day with 60 people? Little than a year later, people all over the globe were introduced to MOMO’s international version. Meet the most popular live TV app for Android, Mobdro. Also see our previous article exploring the difference between Douyin and its international version TikTok. One Weibo commenter writes: “What is this browser app that everyone keeps talking about? There are, for example, the categories handicraft, culture, square dancing, cuisine, and fashion. Download APK (14.4 MB) Additional Information. Over time the platform has been adding a wider variety of content in an effort to change their sketchy image. Videos can be liked, shared and commented on, and people can follow each other. “They are faking their appearances, but actually they are just faking themselves,” some commented. In November, Chinese authorities introduced a ban to regulate the industry. From splitting the costs for an afternoon high tea at The Ritz to sharing a Gucci pantyhose, these girls are taking the phrase ‘fake it ’til you make it’ a bit too literally. Though 24/7 uninterrupted live broadcast viewers can interact with Chinese … In addition to providing Mandarin-language dramas and films, you can also find Korean, English and Japanese content. /VCG As of March, China's internet users reached 904 million, an eight-percent increase compared to that of last December, among which 850 million are also short-video users, according to a report released by China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC) on Tuesday. Later on they added the live streaming karaoke function and the app became very well known for their sexily dressed female live video hosts singing songs. With over 200 live streaming apps available in China, it is difficult to choose which ones are the best. Besides a 500 yuan membership fee, new members are required to provide proof of having at least 100,000 yuan ($15,000) in their savings account. By Manya Koetse, with contributions from Miranda Barnes ©2019 Whatsonweibo. The Chinese blogger Lizhonger (李中二) invested 500 yuan ($75) and pretended to be a girl in order to become a member of the WeChat group after one of his readers tipped him off about its existence. Mobdro. Here’s our list of the most popular Chinese streaming apps, broken out by industry: Entertainment and Social Media: YY: As one of the earliest live streaming services in China, YY helped shape the phenomenon of IRL streaming. What is especially noteworthy is that some 788 million people are accessing the internet via mobile – a total of 98 percent of the China’s total online population. China’s largest date-to-marry matchmaking apps are experimenting with leveraging live-streaming to help users find love, with mixed results. Instead, we chose to feature those apps that are arguably not as well-known outside of mainland China, within five popular categories, namely: education, health, news, games, and short video & live streaming. The Tuber app promised registered users access to websites otherwise blocked in China. Douyin allows its users to live stream and to upload and view 15-second videos. Meipai has a much wider variety of content than than many other platforms. Lizhonger discovered that instead of being an actual WeChat group for rich girls to talk about their latest Louis Vuitton bags, the group is in fact all about finding ways to appear rich. In addition, it also features practical videos such as cooking lessons or camping tutorials. BEIJING: China today said it has closed 18 live streaming apps for disseminating illegal content. Videos can also be downloaded.”. 5 Chinese Live Streaming Apps That You Should Know About, ELLE Magazine and Fan Bingbing Paris fashion Week live streaming, 30,000 New Followers in 3 weeks - I’m officially addicted to live streaming, Successful Live Video Case Studies Part 1: Brands and Celebrities, Stream Wars Podcast Ep. In 2008, the company launched YY, a voice-based gaming communications service, which enabled gamers to voice chat over the Internet and text chat in real-time. Here I have chosen 5 of the most popular live streaming platforms that can show a cross-section of the types of live streaming apps found in China. Currently, Kuaishou is ranking second most popular video app in the Chinese Apple Store, and fifth in the Zhushou360 app store. “You can use YouTube via this app,” one popular Weibo blogger wrote: “And the app has a built-in translation function which can automatically translate English interfaces and provides videos with Chinese subtitles (automated). Thanks for the post. Please let us know in comments below or email us. The girls even went as far as sharing the costs for a second-hand Gucci pantyhose, while also discussing how guys driving a BMW or Benz are just not good enough. Blued, however, has taken all non-Chinese users offline. In 2018, Douyin ranked as the tenth most popular app in China, and its popularity continues to grow. Sounds amazing, right? If you find yourself craving the comfortable familiarity of live television, we've pulled together a list of the eight best live TV apps and services. By Manya Koetse, with contributions from Miranda Barnes. User-generated video streams like the ones above helped drive Ingkee, a one-year-old live-streaming mobile app, to the No. 这个少女不太冷 (Momo ID: 345348180)- This young college student has 615,000+ followers and her nightly concerts bring tens of thousands of viewers. A few reasons to expect steady growth: Growing TAM and sticky user base : It is estimated that in China there will be over 450 million e-sport gamers by 2021 compared with 350 million last year. The description of Chinese TV - 中文 电视 This app provide all essential & real information to set-up your set top box to watch all free Chinese TV Channels. To provide more insight into China’s mobile app market, What’s on Weibo has listed some of the most popular and noteworthy apps in China today. To attract business from this immense number of mobile internet users, who on average spend some 4.2 hours per day on their phone, thousands of news apps are launched every year. China is the world’s largest smartphone market, and the mobile app business is booming. If you see a person that you like, you can add the person or leave a ‘like’ or comment. With over 140 million users, Facebook’s chief product officer Chris Cox calls the app “the Instagram for video”. 47,000 rmb or 7,000 USD). Required fields are marked *. Watch YouTube TV in China (United States) ... My Take: If you want to do live streaming of U.S. TV shows in China, stick with YouTube TV. We made our selection based on the data from the Android app stores Tencent, Baidu, Huawei, and Zhushou360. Screenshots of the WeChat group, where members agree to share a 2-person high tea at the Ritz with 6 people. In August of last year, it was reported that approximately 800 million people are actively using the internet in China, about 58 percent of the country’s population. Chinese live-streaming apps have found a way to make money off their user-generated content, while enforcing the government's strict content rules. Spotted a mistake or want to add something? But on Saturday (10/10), a day after news about the app made its rounds, all content relating to the app was removed from social media site Weibo, including the post by blogger Sudashui. Users can upload and create videos in a couple different lengths including 10 second videos, 10 second photo slide shows, and longer videos up to 5 minutes. Do not reproduce our content without permission – you can contact us at She was formerly a live streamer in China and the VP of Livestreaming at The Meet Group. MOMO which is part of the Beijing MOMO Technology company, that first launched their app in 2011. In 2016, DouYu received investments from both Tencent and Phoenix Media. She writes for numerous industry publications such as Forbes, Jing Daily, and SupChina and hosts the China Marketing podcast. Your email address will not be published. In 2018, Kuaishou received various investments from Chinese tech giants Tencent, Alibaba, and Baidu, that also sought to profit from China’s growing market of short-video and live stream apps. Douyin currently is the most popular short video app in the Chinese Apple store, and in both the Huawei and Zhushou360 app stores, Douyin ranks second most popular app overall. Some of the most popular live streaming content includes cute animals, makeup tutorials, cooking, exercise, celebrities and events, foreigners, babies and travel. MOMO is a location-based social networking app where users can show themselves through video, text, voice, and pictures, and discover nearby people based on their geographic location. This is an app for all the sports fans and not just football fans. If the logo looks familiar, that may be because you know the popular international version of the app named ‘TikTok,’ which was the fourth most downloaded non-game app worldwide in 2018. I’ll make sure to bookmark it and come back to read more of your useful information. Copyright © 2021 What's on Weibo. China TV HD Streaming Tags. Its great way to watch Chinese TV Channels with Chinese TV Application. Your email address will not be published. It seems that the Tuber App, which promised access to blocked sites in China, is now blocked itself. “Quite a few of these kinds of apps have come out. Hello There. How to become part of Shanghai’s super-rich social circles? Douyu is an online platform for live videos of people playing games (similar to Twitch). That sounds awesome, but in general, the live videos I have seen are all young, good-looking men and women sitting at home chatting with viewers. The big plus is many Chinese TV shows that can be streamed in the Mainland are also accessible in Hong Kong. ... Live: China's medical team departs for Algeria to help fight COVID-19 . Groups that are popular, such as the one described here, are sometimes split up in multiple groups (A, B, and C) so that more than 500 people can participate. ‘Eating watermelons’ or ‘the watermelon-eating masses’ (吃瓜群众) is a Chinese idiom that is frequently used by Chinese netizens, meaning that onlookers are interested in watching an (online) spectacle or discussion unfold without intervening. In Q2 of 2016, the live video feature on Momo ($57.9 million), together with mobile marketing ($16.6 million), drove a 222% year over year growth in total revenues, reaching $99 million. Momo’s content is directly correlated to the fact that male users account for 61.8% or the apps overall users. Live ads in China. Chongqing, China ... Live: What's hot at the Trade in Services exhibition? There are many factors that can be considered such as number of active users, user demographics, user engagement, types of live video content and more. Adding to this, Douyin is the only app in this selection that automatically plays the next video if the current video you are watching has ended, increasing user engagement with the app. 14:00, 25-Dec-2020 REPLAY. With both the increase in gamer numbers and demand for quality content, the rise of e-sports in China has led to a boom in game streaming services. Please let us know in comments below or email us. Although many people laugh about the matter, there are also many who criticize these Shanghai women for pretending to be rich and chasing after money in order to increase their social status in order to find a wealthy husband. All RIGHTS RESERVED. On their website content is broken down into several types including singing, talk shows, dancing, popular hosts, celebrities, gaming and sports. The girls then took turns to attend the high tea, with the first girls promising not to touch any of the food so the other girls could still take pictures of it once it was their turn to show up at the Ritz. There are, however, some small differences between the apps. For example, the Chinese content-creators network VS Media provides its live streamers with a studio. Follow @WhatsOnWeibo. In Kuaishou, videos can be as long as 57 seconds, and the next video will not play automatically; meaning that users have to manually pick the next video they want to watch. The company started in 2005 as, a gaming portal for China’s gamers. On 11/11 Singles Day 2018 alone, Chinese KOL Viya helped generate RMB 330 million during a Taobao live stream. Selling her cheery via live-streaming in China's Shandong Province. What’s on Weibo lists China’s most popular apps within this category for you: these are the top Chinese apps to watch. Follow @WhatsOnWeibo, 50 of the Best New Books on China for the Holidays and Winter 2020/2021, Man Beats His Wife to Death in Street in Shanxi, Bystanders Look On, “The Biden Era is Approaching”: Discussions of U.S.-China Relations under the ‘Sleepy King’, Girl Brings 23 Relatives on Blind Date, Dinner Bill Comes Down to 20,000 Yuan. The app’s slogan promotes their wide variety of hosts including 1000 star performers, 5000 Internet and media celebrities, 10,000 students and 100,000 handsome men and beautiful women. Although this group goes to extremes, the fake socialite life is not just a Shanghai thing. A large portion of the app’s users come from second and third tier cities such as Guangzhou, Chengdu, Shenzhen, and Lhasa. The main page of MOMO shows profiles of people around you, featured with picture and videos. Comment document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "a8206497e3122f33c8f4328f0b78a894" );document.getElementById("f9fd47a9d6").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); A Shanghai fake ‘rich girl WeChat group’ has become the talk of the day after a Chinese blogger went undercover in their bizarre social media circle. In 2018, Chinese internet users could download 7.3 million different apps – 900.000 more than the year before. What mainly sets DouYu apart from other live stream apps, is that it provides its users with live streaming games such as Honor of Kings, Player Unknown’s Battlefield, DOTA and League of Legend. 1. Copyright 2015 Fuel Themes. Despite a small decrease in daily active viewers in the last quarter of 2018 from 41.2 million to 38.7 million, Xigua was still the third most popular video app in the Chinese Apple store, closely followed by another app by Bytedance called Huoshan (火山), a short video platform for people to share their stories and showcase their talent. One WeChat group can hold a maximum of 500 people. The app is compatible with iPhone, iPad, and Apple TV. Meipai has slightly more female users than male users. Unlike more casual live streaming shows, broadcasting for brands requires preparation and polish. 1: MOMO of the West with Geoff Cook, CEO of The Meet Group, The Complicated World of Chinese Influencers: Why a live streamer with a large audience is not necessarily an effective influencer, What a Week: WeChat Crackdowns Plus Temporary Bans and New Rules on Weibo, The Pivot from Live Streamer to Travel Influencer: Why and How I am Making this Big Change, Am I Crazy? Do not reproduce our content without permission – you can contact us at, Why Trump Has Two Different Names in Chinese, Cybersecurity Researcher Discovers Unsecured Database with Millions of Chinese Social Media Chat Logs. Gabi Verberg is a Business graduate from the University of Amsterdam who has worked and studied in Shanghai and Beijing. For this reason, the content is a mix between YY and Ingkee with lots of pretty girls sitting behind a microphone singing Chinese songs, or girls dancing in front of their phones, or just chatting with the viewers. South China Morning Post also wrote that Tuber granted users some access to innocuous overseas content like entertainment news, while still blocking any politically sensitive content. In April, CCTV reported that a section of Today’s Headline, a popular news app in China, called “Huoshan Live Stream,” contained vulgar content and was being investigated. Entertainment; Add Tags. One post about the topic on Weibo reached over 1,4 million likes. This means the app constantly provides users with suggested content based on user profile and preferences. In 2018, MOMO acquired the Tinder-like dating app Tantan (探探), which had 6.3 million daily active users in the fourth quarter of 2018. So why does the Momo audience like pretty girls so much? All rights reserved. YY is one of the oldest live streaming platforms in China. APP LIVE STREAM SHOW CAM HOT ASIAN GIRL (CHINESE, KOREAN, JAPANESE, VIETNAMESE...) TẢI VỀ HOW TO VERIFY AND GET LINK DOWNLOAD: HƯỚNG DẪN VƯỢT XÁC MINH ĐỂ VÀO LINK TẢI: app live stream china, app live stream trung quoc, app live stream han quoc, app live stream 18+, app live stream 2020 Spotted a mistake or want to add something? I found your blog using msn. You can read more about choosing a good VPN for China, but based on my 10+ years of experience living and traveling around China, I usually recommend ExpressVPN, which does have a number of Hong Kong servers.. To watch Chinese TV, just connect to a Hong Kong … This is due to a variety of factors including the app’s user demographics, the app’s frequent partnerships with brands and celebrities and the fact that, before introducing the live streaming feature, Meipai had already established itself as a video sharing platform with some of the most popular content being funny videos, food videos and exercise videos. Ok, with that out of the way, let’s jump in to my favorite apps for streaming great English content in China. In the Kuaishou app, users can specifically add filters to faces, and there is also a karaoke function. But a day after the app became a much-discussed topic on social media, it already disappeared. The majority of the content is gaming related, but they also have girls chatting and singing. Some app operators were punished for the lack of a mechanism to censor content and some anchors used the platforms to spread illegal content, dressed in military or police uniforms or were scantily dressed and acted flirtatiously, the Cyberspace Administration of China (CAC) said. Douyin, which literally means “trembling sound” (抖音), is a short video social networking app. Others are not surprised that these kinds of groups are popular. This video sharing platform was launched in May 2014 and was the #1 free app in the china iTunes store for 24 days in a row. Kuaishou 快手. 二姐Alice (Ingkee ID: 2172150) has over 1 million followers. Here are the Best Free Live TV Apps to Stream and Watch TV Channels for Free Online. An online host promotes leather products via a livestream platform in Xinji, North China's Hebei province, on June 5, 2020.

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