Tailored Dispute Resolution Design Services

Tailored Dispute Resolution Design Services and Special Projects

Since its inception, Mediate BC has worked with various partners to create unique dispute prevention and resolution processes to meet the needs of the people involved, and to recognize the context in which their problems arose.  Mediate BC offers unique systems design expertise to organizations and communities and is eager to work with you to address your special needs.

We recognize that there is no “one size fits all” solution to problems arising from complex human interactions.  An effective process takes into account the special environment in which the dispute arose and the capabilities, needs, interests and goals of the people involved.  We understand the broad spectrum of dispute resolution mechanisms and how to match them to your distinctive needs.
Mediate BC also seeks external funding to take on special projects that require conflict resolution expertise and experience.  Some of our current projects are described below.

Examples of Our Work

  • An early example of how we have applied our expertise in dispute resolution design was in the development of the Child Protection Mediation Practicum Program (the “CPP”) in 2006. The Ministry of Children and Family Development and the Dispute Resolution Office had implemented a successful child protection mediation program in the province.  When MCFD implemented its presumption in favour of collaborative planning and decision-making in its handling of child protection matters with a focus on aboriginal children in the province, it became important to ensure that there were sufficient numbers of competent child protection mediators around the province and to encourage mediators from aboriginal communities to seek training and eventually join the Child Protection Mediator Roster.  Based on our experience with both the Small Claims and Family mediation practicum programs, Mediate BC offered to help.  We developed a specialized practicum program to meet these needs in the child protection field and the program has operated successfully since 2006.
  • In 2010, Mediate BC was approached by the BC Office of the Police Complaints Commissioner to work collaboratively to design and develop a mediation process to handle public complaints involving the 15 private police agencies in the province.  Mediate BC assisted in the creation of a special roster of mediators to handle this work and was responsible to make individual referrals to mediators on this list.  Not surprisingly, given the unique and often volatile issues raised, the mediation in this milieu looks considerably different than that used for child protection, family or small claims mediation processes. 
  • Also in 2010, the Law Foundation of BC approved funding to Mediate BC to design and implement a project to support the development by aboriginal communities of community-based dispute resolution processes which could assist with resolution of human rights issues.  Remedies under the Canadian Human Rights Act become applicable to issues under the Indian Act effective July 18, 2011.  More information about the Aboriginal Human Rights Project can be found here.
  • In 2011, Mediate BC obtained funding from the Law Foundation of BC to design and test a new form of “evaluative mediation” to deal with issues about the eligibility of adult children for ongoing child support in BC.  Working closely with the Family Maintenance Enforcement Program, the Child Support Eligibility Mediation Project is commencing work in September 2011. 

Mediate BC will be engaged in more interesting projects and initiatives to meet the needs of its clients.  Check back later for more information.