Conflict Management Program Services
Mediate BC helps organizations manage and resolve conflict in a variety of ways, ranging from mediator referral to full program design and management. We can provide services to businesses, government, not-for-profits, associations and any other type of organizations in the following areas:
  • Workplace Conflict
  • Business to Business Disputes
  • Business to consumer (or other stakeholders) Disputes

Why Implement a Conflict Management Program Instead of Ad Hoc Conflict Resolution?

A Program can include measures to prevent or minimize conflict. This pays off in lower direct and indirect costs in the long term.

Simply arming all stakeholders with information about what to do if they have a problem can lower the stress of conflict and lead to earlier communication and more positive resolution.

You will have a single source for all your conflict management needs:
  • We can provide advice and guidance to you as soon as issues start to emerge, even if you are not sure they are serious problems.
  • We assess the qualifications of the mediators, coaches, facilitators and other practitioners, determine who has the best skills and experience for the particular type of dispute and we keep track of who is available. You no longer have to manage multiple contracts and contacts with different service providers.
A Program demonstrates to your stakeholders that you value your relationship with them and welcome an engaged, proactive approach to problems rather than automatically taking a defensive and reactive position.

A Program approach welcomes creativity to problem solving that can provide valuable information to your organization about the needs of your stakeholders.

We are experts in conflict resolution and management. Let us focus on dealing with the problems while you focus on what you do best.

Conflict is expensive. We can help.

For more information on program services for your organization, contact us at:
1-877-656-1300 x200