Mediation Services

Welcome to Mediate BC

Mediate BC provides a wide variety of dispute resolution services, including public access to qualified mediators, mediator education and training, the appointment of mediators under the Notice to Mediate Regulations and partnership projects that create unique dispute prevention and resolution processes to meet the needs of the people involved.

One of the Mediate BC's central functions is the management of  lists of qualified civil and family mediators. The lists are called the "Civil Roster" and the "Family Roster". The mediators on these rosters have, at a minimum, completed a basic level of training and experience and have agreed to follow Mediate BC's code of conduct. By defining this basic level, Mediate BC's Civil and Family Rosters provide a measure of protection to the public.

Mediate BC is affiliated with British Columbia's Child Protection Mediation Program Roster, and in this capacity manages information about the mediators on this Roster.

Another key function of the Society is the provision of mediation services through its three program areas. Mediate BC contracts professional mediators to perform services of two types:

  • Small Claims Mediators who conduct mediations in the designated registries of the Provincial Court of BC (Small Claims) through the Court Mediation Program; and
  • Mentors in each of our three programs:
    • Court Mediation Program - Small Claims Practicum
    • Family Mediation Program
    • Child Protection Mediation Practicum Program