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John Radford
Ph.D. (Psychology)
Conflict Consultant, Mediator
All of Canada, Greater Vancouver, Sunshine Coast
Transpectives Consulting Inc.
#1700 - 1185 West Georgia Street
Vancouver, BC
V6E 4E6

Office: (604) 723-8022

Family Roster Mediation Details
Beyond resolving conflict I specialize in reconciliation and trust building processes in workplace, business and family business conflicts. In complex, high conflict situations, I often co-mediate with business partner Vi Neufeld, enabling parties to efficiently deal with the core, deep-rooted issues that have prevented them from achieving sustainable solutions.

$300 - $300 / hour

$300 per hour excluding taxes. The costs are generally shared between parties.

A 48 hour notice is required for cancellation to avoid being charged the fee for the time scheduled.


I began mediating in 1984 as a founding member of the Independent Mediation Service of Southern Africa. I received international training in mediation by the British ACAS and the Federal Mediation Service in the United States. Over the years I have moved from labour, commercial and deep-rooted violent conflict mediation to specialize today in business transition, business family, family financial and workplace conflict. I also mediate multi-party community conflict working in resource, environmental and faith-based contexts.

As an associate faculty member in the School of Peace and Conflict Management at Royal Roads University since 1998, I helped to create the master's degree in Conflict Analysis and Management and currently teach the advanced conflict skills course.

Conflict within Families
  • Managing Power Imbalances
Contact with a Child (Access/Custody)
  • Aboriginal Issues
Elder Mediation
  • Family Business
Financial & Property
  • Division of Assets and Liabilities
  • Family Inheritance and Estates
  • Financial Aspects of Separation
  • Parent/Teen Disputes
  • Step & Blended Family Mediation

  • African
  • Afro-American/Canadian
  • First Nations Peoples, Agencies and Communities