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Arlene H. Henry, Q.C.
C.Med., LL.B., Q.C.
Coast Fraser, All of Canada, All of Province, East and West Kootenay, Fraser Valley, Greater Vancouver, Interior North/Northern B.C., Interior South/Okanagan, Northern Vancouver Island, Southern Vancouver Island, Sunshine Coast
Arlene H. Henry Law Corporation
Vancouver, BC

Office: (604) 451-4072
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Family Roster Mediation Details
Experienced in First Nations issues; working with diverse cultures; and skilled in mediating large multi-party disputes.

$375 - $450 / hour

Available upon request. Standard $400 hourly rate, plus gst & pst, for all Mediation and pre-Mediation activities, including pre-mediation Meetings/Conferences, screening interviews, reviewing Mediation Briefs, etc. Hourly rate may vary depending on complexity of issues and number of participants.

Out of pocket expenses, including facility rental and catering, are billed at cost. Mileage is charged at $.60/km and may be billed for travel east of Langley and west of Lions Bay.


I practised law as a Solicitor since 1986, focusing initially on real estate development, wills & estates, general corporate and commercial work. In 1991 my practice evolved to include the provision of legal and eventually mediative services for and in conjunction with various First Nations in both BC and Ontario.

My mediation training includes completion of both the Certificate Program in Conflict Resolution offered by the Justice Institute and the Small Claims Practicum Project. I am fully qualified to conduct Family Law Mediations and have completed numerous advanced training courses and workshops, including Comprehensive Family Mediation training with the Institute of Conflict Analysis and Management; as well as training in cultural differences and in working with high-conflict people.

I have participated as a panel member on an Information Session, "Challenges in Mediation: Mediating when Mental Health or Drug and Alcohol Addiction are Issues"; co-presented a workshop on Mediating Estate and Dependant Adult Disputes at a National Mediation Conference; and presented a paper entitled "Mediating Child Protection Disputes: Are we leaving room for the child at the table", at various international, national and regional conferences. I was also an invited participant on the Law Society’s ADR Focus Group. I am currently active in planning, facilitating and presenting at numerous continuing education courses in dispute resolution.

I am a qualified neutral child interviewer. I am a member in good standing of the BC Parenting Coordinator Society's Roster and am actively working with many families. I am a former Mentor in the Family Mediation Practicum Project, I am a member of the Child Protection Roster (MOJ) affiliated with Mediate BC, and I have worked extensively in this area.

In 2015/16, I co-designed and taught the 80 hour Family Law Mediation curriculum for CLEBC. I also co-designed and taught the Med -Arb, Family Law Arbitration and Family Violence Screening courses. I am a Guest Instructor in Mediation for the Law Society’s Articled Student Training program and also assist Senior Mediator/Instructors through coaching in their mediation training courses offered to lawyers, judges and various provincial and federal government bodies through CLE, and other education and training service providers.

In the community, I served for nine years as the Law Society of BC appointment to the City of Vancouver Building Board of Appeal and served a six year term on the Vancouver Foundation’s Children, Youth & Families Advisory Committee. I am a member of the Roster Committee of Mediate BC and the Boards of the BC Hear the Child Society and the BC Parenting Coordinators Roster Society.

My mediation style is facilitative, flexible and I am skilled in mediating multi-party disputes. My approach is to assist participants in identifying and achieving their mutual goals within an informal, yet pragmatic environment.

***Also on Mediate BC Med-Arb Roster***

Aboriginal Family Law Issues
  • Aboriginal Family Law Issues
Conflict within Families
  • Abuse/Sexual Abuse
  • Addiction Issues (Drug & Alcohol)
  • Family Relationships
  • Managing High Conflict
  • Managing Power Imbalances
  • Mental Health Issues
Contact with a Child (Access/Custody)
  • Aboriginal Issues
  • Guardianship
  • Parenting Arrangements (Time and Education)
  • Parenting Plans
  • Plan of Care & Living Arrangements
Elder Mediation
  • Common Law Relationships/Trusts
  • Family Business
  • Family Inheritance/Business Succession
  • Pensions and Benefits
  • Plan of Care & Living Arrangements
  • Wills and Estates
Financial & Property
  • Child Support & Maintenance
  • Common Law Relationships/Trusts
  • Division of Assets and Liabilities
  • Family Business
  • Family Inheritance and Estates
  • Financial Aspects of Separation
  • Pre-nuptial Agreements
  • Spousal Support
  • Adoption
  • Parent/Teen Disputes
  • Parenting Arrangements and Education
  • Parenting Plans
  • Step & Blended Family Mediation
  • Separation Agreements
  • Separation Memorandums of Understanding
  • Sexual Orientation

  • Afro-American/Canadian
  • Asian
  • Bosnian
  • Cantonese
  • Caribbean
  • Chinese
  • Columbian
  • Croatian
  • Filipino
  • First Nations Peoples, Agencies and Communities
  • French Canadian
  • Hindu
  • Hungarian
  • Indo-Canadian
  • Iranian
  • Japanese
  • Korean
  • Latin American
  • Mandarin
  • Pakistani
  • Punjabi
  • Same Sex/Gender
  • Spanish
  • Taiwanese
  • Vietnamese