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Sheila C. Begg
Certificate in Conflict Resolution, Chartered Arbitrator, Chartered Mediator, M.S.W., RSW (Registered Social Worker, Non-Practicing)
Mediator & Arbitrator
Greater Vancouver
Arbitration & Mediation Services
White Rock, BC

Office: (604) 542-4892

Civil Roster Mediation Details

Available on request. Rates, on a sliding scale, depending on the number of participants and the nature of the dispute.

I have successfully resolved disputes in a wide variety of settings for more than 25 years. Over the past six years, my practice has largely been on matters relating to professional regulation, workplace disputes, construction, strata, insurance, consumer/vendor and other commercial/business.

My work experience includes professional regulation, labour relations in the health care sector and medical/psychiatric social work.

Business & Consumers
  • Commercial/Corporate
  • Consumer/Vendor
  • Small Business
Employment & Workplace
  • Workers’ Compensation
Housing & Real Estate
  • Housing/Tenancy
  • Strata
  • Construction
  • Hospital/Health
  • Insurance