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K. Nancy Baker
Certificate in Conflict Resolution: Mediation & Negotiation (Justice Institute), M.A. in Leadership and Training (Royal Roads University), Multi Party Mediation Certificate, Myers Briggs Certified Practioner
Facilitator, Mediator, Trainer, Coach
All of Canada, All of Province
2282 Inglewood Ave.
West Vancouver, BC

Office: (604) 908-0889

Civil Roster Mediation Details
Group dynamics - facilitation

Multi party disputes

Facilitating meeting online using different video platforms

$150 - $200 / hour

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I have actively been mediating and facilitating privately since 1994 as well as working part time as a coach/trainer in the Justice Institute's Conflict Resolution Program. From 1989 to 2010 I was also involved in community development and coordinated/developed a variety of community programs as part of a non profit on the Sunshine Coast. In 2010 I was hired on a part time contract with Mediate BC to work as the Mediation Advisor at the Provincial Court House in downtown Vancouver. This position advised both families and clients with civil disputes on the benefits of mediation as well as working with the court staff, lawyers and financial advisors to assist people to resolve their issues. I left this position in 2015 and have been mediating, coaching and training privately.

I have worked with many non-profits around British Columbia to develop visions, create strategic plans and/or resolve conflicts. In the past, I have mediated with couples, parents, teachers and students, municipalities, strata councils, landlord and tenants and families involving elder issues, wills and estates, business partnerships and a variety of workplaces. I like to listen to people in conflict to identify the source of the conflict and the true issue.

I offer a variety of workshops including “Conflict Resolution from the Inside Out”, Building Leaderful Teams and Work Life Balance and I enjoy using Myers Briggs Typology to identify strengths in work teams or organizational groups.

Business & Consumers
  • Organizational Change
  • Sale of Goods
  • Small Business
  • Small Claims Rule 7.3
  • Community/Neighbourhood
  • Wills and Estates
Employment & Workplace
  • Workers’ Compensation
  • Workplace Conflict/Bullying
  • Wrongful/constructive Dismissal
Finances & Taxation
  • Wills and Estates
Housing & Real Estate
  • Co-op Housing
  • Housing/Tenancy
  • Leaky Condo
  • Real Estate Development
  • Strata
  • Entertainment
  • Environmental
  • Farm
  • Hospital/Health
  • Tourism
Justice Access Centres
  • VicJAC - Victoria
  • VJAC - Vancouver
Public Institutions/Charities/Non Profits
  • Municipal
  • Non-profit Organizations/ Societies/ Charities
  • School/Education/University
Rights & Identity
  • Harassment/Bullying

  • Asian
  • First Nations Peoples, Agencies and Communities
  • Latin American