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Brandon D. Hastings
BBA (Dist.) - Entrepreneurial Leadership, J.D.
Barrister & Solicitor, Mediator
All of Canada
Quay Law Centre
300 - 960 Quayside Drive
New Westminster, BC
V3M 6G2

Office: (778) 244-8480

Civil Roster Mediation Details
* Experience and capability in online synchronous and asynchronous mediation:

- Co-taught Continuing Legal Education Society of British Columbia course "Justice Technology: Digital Dispute Resolution for an Analog World"

- Guest instructor in Thompson Rivers University Faculty of Law online mediation lab

- Managed online dispute resolution simulation for Osgoode Law's Legal Information Technology course

* Financial and numerical analysis ability includes training in bookeeping, cost accounting, managerial accounting, microeconomics, macroeconomics, and statistics

* Technical expertise includes familitarity or fluency with Python, Django, Flask, Ruby, Rails, jQuery, Javascript, Cucumber, RSpec, Google Apps Engine, C++, AutoHotkey, and Arduino

* Over a decade of martial arts experience, including traditional and non-traditional forms: Shito Ryu Karate, Tong Moo Do, Eskrima, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, and others


Please contact Mr. Hastings at (preferred),, or (778) 244-8480, for scheduling and fee information to, request rates, and to begin the mediation process.

As of this writing (2018-Apr-17), Mr. Hastings' standard rate for a first half-day mediation (~3 hours), is $950, and his standard rate for a first full day mediation (~6.5 hours) is $1,650, plus taxes and disbursements. This includes up to 2 hours to conduct pre-mediation activities, including pre-mediation meetings, screening interviews, and review of mediation briefs. Mr. Hastings' standard hourly rate for additional pre-mediation work is $295/hour. The standard rate for additional half-day mediations is $750, and additional full-day meditations is $1,500.

Rates may vary due to (among other things) an increased number of parties, or increased complexity of issues. Out of pocket expenses, including transportation (where required), facility rental, and catering, are billed at cost or the standard CRA rate, as applicable. ***IF YOUR MATTER RELATES TO FAMILY/DIVORCE ISSUES and YOU CAN DEMONSTRATE FINANCIAL NEED*** Mr. Hastings will entertain a fee reduction, and/or flat fees. Family (divorce) matters include matters involving family businesses, parenting, estate or trust issues, spousal support, child support, property division, and pre-marital (pre-nup) discussions.

If cancellation occurs, any out-of-pocket expenses is payable, as is all completed work, on the higher of the agreed rate, or the above-noted standard rates. As well, if cancellation occurs:

* more than 12 business days before the scheduled start of mediation, no cancellation fee will apply

* less than 12 business days, but more than 5 business days before the meditation, a cancellation fee of $100 per hour booked for mediation applies * less than 5 business days before the start of mediation, then the cancellation fee is $200 per hour booked for mediation

The party cancelling the mediation is responsible for payment of cancellation fees, and the parties are at liberty to arrange allocation of cancellation expense between themselves.


"From the very first call, we have received exceptional service from Brandon and Quay Law Centre. From the receptionist to Brandon, to the support staff, the service and professionalism has been excellent. ... I recommend Brandon without reservation."

"Brandon is personable, knowledgeable, empathetic and thorough. During our initial consult, he took the time to understand my situation and was able to offer me a great deal of information, reassurance and insight ... " | | (778) 244-8480

* Over 400 hours of training in mediation and related fields * Educated in dispute resolution through (among others) the National University of Singapore, Mediate BC, the Justice Institute of BC, the CoRe Conflict Resolution society, the British Columbia Continuing Education Society, and the University of British Columbia, Faculty of Law * Barrister and Solicitor

* Certified Family Mediator (Law Society of British Columbia)

* Experience in family law, including his own parents' high conflict divorce

* Certified Civil Mediator (Mediate BC)

* Current and former board director of several organizations, including the Immigrant Services Society of British Columbia * Over ten years of experience helping people and organizations work creatively to achieve their goals

* Frequent guest-lecturer to university and other post-secondary audiences

* Graduated top-of-class from competitive, hands-on business program focused on leading innovation in small/mid-sized businesses

* Experience in business and technology strategy consulting for multi-national and domestic companies

* Co-founder of Vancouver Legal Hackers

* Steering committee member and participant in the eight and ninth Justice Summits on Justice and Technology

* Provincial Council Member of the Canadian Bar Association BC Branch (2017-2018)

* Familiarity with international trade law, including GATT and GATS

* Competent computer programmer, including Python, Ruby, Javascript, HTML, and CSS

* Regularly published in magazines on legal topics, including family law, civil law, and alternative dispute resolution | | (778) 244-8480

"Today was a good day and I wanted to take a moment and thank my lawyer extraordinaire Brandon Hastings at Quay Law Centre. I am very pleased with his performance, support, professionalism and determination he showed me. He was always so humble, tried to save me money where he could (not your typical lawyer that's for sure), very quick to respond, made himself available constantly whenever I needed him. I could not have asked for a better attorney to be by my side during a very stressful and very difficult time. Brandon Hastings didn't just care about me but he truly invested his time, energy and efforts to the reason I hired him as my lawyer in the first place. I would recommend him and his firm to anyone. Thanks for everything Brandon Hastings you were awesome! You will be my attorney for life but I hope I will not be needing you any time soon :-)"

For more information, including to enquire about Mr. Hastings’ legal and unbundled services, see You may also view Mr. Hastings’ online curriculum vitae at

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