What happens next?

The experience of mediating in Small Claims Court can lead to numerous options for practicum mediators.
Some mediators apply the skills they acquire to augment their performance in the workplace. Others may be inspired to pursue a career as a mediator and as a step in that direction, may be interested in pursuing admission the Mediate BC’s Civil Roster.
Participants who are interested in joining the Mediate BC’s Civil Roster are encouraged to check the complete list of admission requirements on the Mediate BC website. Completing the 10 mediation sessions in the practicum is accepted as fulfilling the requirement to complete 10 civil mediations. Further, the written assessments provided in the last three sessions of the small claims practicum may be submitted in lieu of reference letters required for admission to the Mediate BC’s Civil Roster.
The practicum is designed as an opportunity for trained mediators to obtain practical experience as a mediator in a real-life context. It is not intended to be a path to working as a Small Claims Mediator.