Continuing Professional Development

The Mediate BC Society requires Civil and Family Roster mediators to complete 12 hours of mediation specific training or education, including at least 7 hours of formal learning in a structured setting, per year to maintain Roster status. The remaining 5 hours of the requirement may include activities such as reading articles, blogs or other ADR literature, writing or researching, to name a few.

The 7 hours “formal learning” is aimed at encouraging ongoing learning in a structured setting. Many forms of learning will satisfy this requirement, including course work, webinars, podcasts, peer study groups, conferences, teachings, ADR sub-section meetings and the like. This is not an exhaustive list, only some examples of the type of structured learning that will suffice.

The Professional Development & Ongoing Education Form is included in Roster mediator renewal reminder emails. It is also available to download by clicking the link below.