Associate Family Roster Admission

Associate Family Mediators are trained mediators in the process of gaining mediation experience and available to co-mediate with experienced mediators. Some may also be Law Society of BC accredited Family Law Mediators or certified Family Mediation Canada mediators and available to mediate solo.

Criteria for Admission

To be admitted to the Associate Family Roster, mediators must have:

  • at least 40 hours of core education specifically in mediation theory and skills training, including 10 hours of simulated or role play mediation (please note: this marks a change from the previous broader requirement of 40 hours in conflict resolution and mediation);
  • at least 14 hours of family violence training;
  • at least 21 hours focusing on issues related to family dynamics in separation and divorce (what do we mean by family dynamics?);
  • for non-lawyers, at least 35 hours of training in family law and procedures (including 7 hours minimum on drafting memoranda of understanding and 7 hours minimum on financial issues relating to separation, divorce and family reorganization);
  • a university or college degree or diploma in law, social sciences or related field;
  • two professional references; and
  • insurance coverage.
All Family Mediation Program participants must be Associate Family Roster mediators. However, application to the Family Mediation Program is not a requirement for admission to the Associate Family Roster.
NOTE: Please contact our office for updates on the FMP's availability in your area.
Associate Family Mediators are available to co-mediate family matters with family mediators who qualify under the Family Law Act Regulations Section 4(2). Associate Family Mediators who qualify under the Family Law Act Regulations Section 4(2) by being Law Society of BC accredited Family Law Mediators or are certified family mediators with Family Mediation Canada are available to mediate solo.


Co-mediations are mediations in which:

  • the Associate actively participated in and shared responsibility for managing the mediation process;
  • the Associate did not act primarily as an observer; and
  • at least one of the mediators received some monetary consideration for the mediation services.
"On Co-Mediation" is a short series from the Mediate BC Blog that delves into the benefits of co-mediation for skill development and importantly the options for business development. Those considering applying to an Associate Roster are advised to read this short series.
Detailed requirements are located on the Application Form: Associate Family Roster