Apply to the Rosters
Mediate BC manages a list of qualified civil and family mediators. The list consists of two separate Rosters:  the Civil Roster and the Family Roster. Mediate BC sets training and experience standards for admission to these Rosters, as well as ongoing education requirements for maintaining roster status, Standards of Conduct, and a Complaint Process

Mediate BC also manages a list of trained mediators who are in the process of gaining mediation experience through the Associate Civil and Associate Family Rosters. The associate mediators are available to co-mediate with more experienced mediators. Some of the Associate Family Mediators may also be Law Society of BC accredited Family Law Mediators or certified Family Mediation Canada mediators and available to mediate as a single mediator. Associate mediators also abide by the Standards of Conduct and Complaint Process.

You can find detailed information about admission to each Roster on the following pages:

The application process for each roster is fairly similar, and outlined on the Application Procedure page.

More information regarding education and training requirements can be found here.