About Us

Mediate BC

Mediate BC is a newly merged organization combining the D.R. Innovation Society (“DRI”) and the B.C. Mediator Roster Society (“MRS”).  The two organizations together bring considerable experience, expertise and accomplishment in developing innovative dispute resolution services for the justice system and enhancing access to justice. 

The Mediate BC Society provides a range of training, service, development and quality monitoring programs to support and develop capacity in dispute resolution services in B.C.  The new integrated organization was incorporated in April 2010.

For many years, the Society and its predecessors have provided a stable source of competent mediation professionals.  It has also been an agent of change to improve access to justice in the province by piloting new processes, reaching out to underserved communities and introducing a problem solving approach to justice system professionals and users. 

The integration has strengthened the Society’s ability to meet these goals - the new “whole” will be greater than the sum of its two parts.  The Society is now increasingly recognized in its various stakeholder communities (legal profession, dispute resolution community, government, funders, PLEI community etc.) as a capable and innovative organization poised to accept larger systemic challenges.

Our Vision

A.     A civil society where mediation and other collaborative dispute resolution processes are widely accepted and used.
B.     An organization that serves the public interest and supports a community of mediator and other dispute resolution practitioners.

 Our Mission

Leading, promoting and facilitating mediation and other collaborative dispute resolution processes throughout BC.